Friday, December 30, 2011

The past I never had

My eyes drain into the mirror
Tears bled through a
fractured past
of now soundless songs

Veins inside of my heart
squirting ink
like starshine out in the
sky through space


Thursday, December 29, 2011

not what I think

in the first line
I'm haunted by the
visual affliction of poetry
the word and

the soothing
evolution of the death of rhyme
and the sound of syllables


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The year's last words

the crown of earth 

in the hope filled light
all the songs
birds have ever sung
All in us


                                                            "Dancing Lizards"


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Easily and slowly

The wind is placed as a new
resident and the cold gold leaves
rest on each other
December through glass

As the doors open
angel's hands  are buried
in deep sweets and dark secrets
I could hide here and wait forever


Leaning out the window to now

In you appears a window
so now I open it
rainbows live a brief
but colorful life
then become air


Monday, December 12, 2011

The line breaks

But after all the meaning and names 
somethings still remain unknown
and hit hard as the end of space
and my heart unfolds as the letters softly cry

the wake, thirst and sleep
of crude shadows
swaying against the moon's round voice

flashed by lightning
like an axe through the sky
a privilege, a known

a brief damp rain that
struck leaves unready to fall


Friday, December 9, 2011

As we stare

the silence swirls
like pigeons half flocked
together in the narrows
of our mouths

and the darkness of our breath
washes over what is
over what we don't see

as the past gathers
and breathing like water
we chew the stones into clouds


Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Takeover

The birds returned with evening
letters telling stories of the trees
seed wings falling under
a deepening blue hush

Meadow brushed mirrors of
eternity sewn into a fine fabric
Of quick summer urges oxidized into
cool faced hills with their shadows
clinging to possibility


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At a thousand and two Feet

The Sky Speaks life into my heart
its flesh
a smooth place in the imagination

As the world rattles
with chaotic spring harmonies
like thunder
quieted and encased in glass


Sunday, November 27, 2011


She moves
the way
clouds drift in the sky
singing a lullaby to my heart
with cool overlapping shadows
and doubts as I walk
the circle to its end
as the clock chuckles at
the storms gently tugging
on my soul
yet still attached to me
that voice beyond all control

The way
the way our fingers  s t r e t c h e d  out
hold with the ground



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November is half over and

They say
the grass grows
thick where a heart lands
where a soul spreads out into
deep fields that run up mountainsides

but in truth
all elevation
falls flat and still
next to you my secret
Ocean beneath
eternal Spring

Your waves pass deep and
A morning's meditation 
a sleepy moon holding
as God



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To the earth

The days of rain
are a gift of life
as noon breathes slowly
and blue wind glides
at the top of the sky

Tired blue butterfly wings
slowly twirling at the front of light
Nobody can see under her feet
the history of being a bird


Monday, November 7, 2011

Winds tumble in morning's forward climb


and although I loved the tears I’ve wept
and the dreams that sat at my fingertips
like air into this breathing heart
or music that glowed the skin around
my eyes

In beats and wrinkled cuts
I reach for you still
To your hands within the
deeply rooted shadows
emptying now as I open
and the corners softly close


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stay again

A bird blossoms spring
like a child inspiring a poem 
and now the fields are clothed in dreams

Reborn to the
season of a new moment
as a sweet misty elegance of light
again warms the Earth


Thursday, November 3, 2011


Like the sea
left open to the sun
with wind and tongue
whose beauty is today

While gravity
and the stars heave
Heaven's heavy heart

and now this


Hearts filled with Heaven

freely come
into my heart and
melt me into heaven

as morning goes
where you go
lay down again
and again as love flashes
glow and grow  


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the weather outside language

new memories dissolve in
a rain of conversation
then an arch of color like a rainbow
forms a passageway in the sky through the fall

Words tell us of a journey
describing, imitation and immortality
like a town on a mountain
adjacent to love is discovery


Friday, October 28, 2011

If something is

As I rid myself
of title and plot and
all ties to stratification
and commit to my idea
with the simple thought that it feels
like something right between my fingers

I still imagine you
quietly outside all
I've planned
before even a word's
been spoken


When I Can't See You

Your eyes hide
you from me
so I dream us into water
letting angels have the sky
for here in the quiet waves
god is silent as we are


There was once a

you know what
passed down
like an ancient myth
that carried
on about the universe
with leaves trembling on its farthest branches.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heaven's Endless Body

There is no control of the skies
he shouted
flying high
If my shadow could only see
me now
He thought
as I turn to see my shadow
moving my heart past myself
to share our passing

I fly into her smile
And I am by my blood
a relic of light found
left behind energy
conscious, a ghost
still dragging time
as I turn to see her
my heart moves past itself
am I to be my blood
or a relic of light 
conscious of energy
heaven's endless body
or a ghost dragging time?


Monday, October 24, 2011

The rumbling tone of creation

fashioned tones from
under a brilliant night sky
where has always been
that first
the oldest musical
rumbling the tones of creation


Saturday, October 22, 2011

The sun hands over its dress

in pieces
perfectly  misplaced on a world
made of danger and weight 
spun without drying

there Spring is swerving
on its forgotten journey and here 
Fall through with the green
landscape once rich and raging
now fades into the nuance
between conversations


Don't You Know

We fall like dancing stars
springing back into time
holding the hands of reason
we let go of so completely
because noticing
it's harder to worry

Me, an admirer
as I think I am of stars I cannot see
moving in ocean waves
that sparlke the sky with the feet and
hands they lack


Friday, October 21, 2011

Stripped by the falling sky

knowable only to angels
at the edge of the sky
over the heartbreaking silence
a bolt across the firmament

And I stumble and fall over
a question - and you ease back
through my pores, the way love wrestles through
impenetrable people

Like pulling forward space
the moon cries behind her cloudy
eyes and peering through the haze
the earth begs to be caressed
by her floating body  

Stripped by a fallen sky
her white earth lies dead
bare with pale volcanoes
a dimly lit salted sphere
without a memory of life
she is everything


Saturday, October 15, 2011


And in the vastness and truth
of who we are
waits the unfolding now blue sky
Our form through tournaments of old
still warm and grand

She was born with morning inside
her in the early spring
as light fell down
through the cool thin gaps

Does eternity have an end
for this poem?


Monday, October 10, 2011

It's October Again

and Collapsing tunnels loom
dimming the light
but we are here, not there
we who still move, still move somehow

and Boldly press on with love in layers
through fields rapt with romance
past collapsed tunnels
through openings that began as cracks
we make ourselves make our way
into the truth like finding revelation within a novel
while waiting beneath the desert
a flowerbed lies dreaming with a persistence
we once knew


Then heaven sent flowers

Then heaven sent flowers
to the living huddled
below a well centered moon
and out from a crater you rose

Get up said the air with its song
but the hard lake in the window
still flirted with the sandy notions in my mind  

And with all her strength the shore scratches to
and she so wonderful and wise
goes off somewhere

The day continued only sure of spreading morning throughout
the hills and trees
so silently it happens over and over
heaven casting her wide kiss
as in secret we prepare for night
and dreams
sometimes so red and strange
until the new light on an eve falls
and you return from somewhere deep inside the
the dark woods
and I'm so happy you're here

Sunday, October 9, 2011

There's No Place Like Driving

a world of street
ghost beggars twists into

And inside every car
emotions and glass swim
together in sighting dawn

in trying to understand the fire
and which side of me its on
and that we live here inside a question
and how you're more important
than the answer


How Now Was Ever Made

powerful as the open air   
yet still wading against
the shimmering night

"I'll paint the night black again"
maybe he didn't say this

I wonder what it would take
to feel the indifferent forms of me
breaking through the brittle bark of the tree to
breathe freely through myself knowing nothing is really here
except the smallest drop of rain god ever made


Friday, October 7, 2011

Each time it happens

Breathing to love
dancing in the low light
the moon drops

Painting with our arms
lazy shadows stretched
out across the sky
Our wings melt the sun


Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Toast

To our backwards failed escape
endlessly looking backwards at the shiny
grey zeroes of infinity
the temperature weeps
in slow degrees to season
the anonymous days
suffocating with old ideas
old purpose

All directions and all paths
an afternoon
groping for
an end and a beginning

We kept trying, and finally
cleared the frost of
And like pulling open a curtain
discovered that a promise was
almost enough


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finding out the way it is

The sun is setting cool again
I'm trying to remember
but it makes me dizzy.
no longer sweating
breathing and thinking
and sinking deeper
and it's almost like I'm swimming.

Seems like I've been here before.
Seems so familiar.
Seems like I'm slipping
into a dream within your whisper.
it drags me under and takes me


moving statues of air

walk with me
For lightning to strike
science doesn't matter

Sparks inside the grey sky
are somewhat distant
from the dissatisfied storm
and lying still, burning
emotion forward
through the air solidity
at the end of space

then staring back at time
counting stars
missing in the sky


Monday, September 19, 2011

Let living be our song ( refrain)

let me play you the
beat of my heart
while only the sleepy
stars are watching

Let living be our song

whatever way we are
Let living be our song
as the mountains sing
to the sea


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sixteen Revisited

shell fragment mementos
hold in me pointing the compass in
every direction

splitting hairs and
debating the wind inside an aquarium
all thumbs to some final species
that can observe itself

changing I hide within nature  
expecting tragedy to teach something

under moonlit hydrogen
bandaging together thought


Saturday, August 20, 2011

What did you mean

till poetry was the only
word left and that's all
everyone could talk about

poetry in cups and in
the evening's surplus
of magnificence
poetry on the rotisserie
like blue laughter held
under a waterfall

that too the faintest breath
can contain the deliverance
from our tears





Friday, August 19, 2011

I don't think this

when in every breath drawn
life escapes us to still memories
in a box in the closet
until light has been quietly dried and shriveled
and disappeared

if nothing you say scares me
if nothing I say scares me


Monday, August 15, 2011

Reflections On The Outside

It's strange how looking ahead far
enough you see only backwards
and how the same name for now and forever
is the only name that became you

And as that light moves slowly
out into space and
everything disappears I'll be waiting for you
when nothing happens, and I hope
somehow we disappear together

A Peek Into The Formation Of A Dream

In the night she appeared
majesticly bright and
her smile lay its beaming
truth upon my shadowy face

I didn't fall in Love
she swept me along with her
into the air
and changed everything
all carried away with my heart
on the wings of her soul


Saturday, August 6, 2011

You knew the world was like this

From a word a paper world came
then worlds from paper words 
black swallows against the white sky

they say that once you feel
you can only learn to forget
what radiates out as
the center becomes somewhere else
as now appears in the air
a silence more sacred
than its confession


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Battle for the space between words

They have come for
the spaces between my words
so I slip them under the door
and stand back praying
inside with what's left
between silence

The antique clasp of
calligraphy now
closed and safe
around my neck
holding tight together
one long meaningless
word on a string


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Heavenly Gifts She Brings Me

Under a late July
moon the birds arrive
feather by feather
gently building their
wings over the forgetful

This year, even
the squirrels tail
twitches slowly

Oh the heavenly gifts
your love brings me.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Mouse Dream

Mice have entered
through a hole in my
roof but I am tired.
I dream of eating them
and wake with nine toes


Friday, July 22, 2011

I never liked that word

I carry poetry in my arms
and place it in the dead tree
holding my heart in a bag



Thursday, July 21, 2011

And In this Uncertainty I Love You

And In that uncertainty
the weight of your
words has followed

as I stand inside
this living fire
with the cool shade
from tall trees all
around me

The laugh of eternity
as we realized
we could look beyond
its expiration and
the feeling of
bliss being near you

Yes time keeps running
but not fast enough
to keep this paradise


The Sea Tempest

The goddess of love
is lost tonight
her rays of hope

The angelic moon
has lost its fight
with a  retreating  glance
it stares

Naught to be done
but to wait and  to wait
'Til comes that awful hour

Naught to be done
that can hope to abate
what comes



The tickle dream

In a dream You
tickled me and I tickled you back
( yours was better).

And though my heart can only bloom
inside Your lovely garden
and though it's only Your soul that
sings me back to sleep in the middle
of the night
I know now that all I've done here
is crafted me a set of beautiful wings
with which I'll never truly be able to fly.


Above all these titles

Beyond Heaven
is my joy
here on Earth

 Her feet the continents
 her heart  
   the twirling arms of stars




Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super fidelity LP

Everything is to music
as Love is to Life
Listening quietly
to the sound of
words and not their
to the sound of Love
and all the beautiful silence
between songs knowing with this
Love the music will never end

In all the silence of forgotten things

In a sense we plant
our love each night
in soil and water
patient with our fears
In all the silence of
forgotten things

Monday, July 18, 2011

Soul first

I want
to swim in a river near
your smile
to find together the secret
passageway to the soft ruins

I want to crumble with you
into the universe


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Disappearing Ink

Just day dreaming here
about the feelings
filling the pages
of my heart
As all the words disappear
in front of me
It's hard to read
when you're in love.



While I was falling

As I was thought
I could never be emptiness

the wind
floats a leaf
as it falls I turn
and look up at the sky


Thursday, July 14, 2011

As the heavens speak to the sky

Your Love
moves in me
like a shining stream
of silver stars
Speaking silently to my heart
as the heavens speak
to the sky



The baby oranges are almost
teenagers already!
This is a typical lovely florida
summer sky. The tree is in
the front yard and I'm going to
remove some of the dead wood
because it's hurricane season!
This is a picture from my
reclining cloud chair in the back yard

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lonely day

And so
I've saved my heart from rejection

and placed it in my chest
as though it were pressed between
 two pages of a book


* while putting in the song which took about a half hour because everything kept going wrong, I lost the text that accompanied what I wrote up top. It was about going back and reading a diary and thinking about changes.

Heres a nice mellow old song by King Crimson I got from youtube :

Two Take On Destiny

We breathe until we were one
together one each as the other
dancing faster than our shadows

as the sun dances
inside its own shadow
her gold heart bare
to the eyes of death

Her glitter thrown glows wide
rising high from the top of the sea
soft to touch and freely given
fertilizing glass winds filling into

And Into Heaven
with wooden spools
a film shot between lives
lifts sailors once forgotten
above water as they fly
far from the sea.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The Light From Her Voice

What could dissolve me
of my beliefs so thoroughly
as a rain so fresh it glitters
eternally on my heart?

So moist
ethereal and radiant
a Lotus blooms in the sky!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sun with our heart

s t r e t c h
across heaven
painting the sky with our light
 a wondrous display
sprinkling hope through the night

carrying her planets
 shines the Sun with our heart
 bringing ever so gently
each day a new start


Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Tale Of The Red Hippopotamus

What tales be told of the tails we hold,
held if only so briefly in the halls of our hearts

as thoughts wander
as the chimpanzees play
as passing strangers on their way

Ever unheard the supernatural giraffe's
gaffe? or been the acquaintance
to the tongueless cobra that whistled by
the light of day or been able to claim like me
you've actually seen the rare cry of the
red hippopotamus that you wished had
never gotten away


The war in between something and nothing

                                        "Cars,  planes, and tv's"  R. Ellis C2011

When all the words became you
I needed to find a way
to gather up all measure of gravity

landing in a centrifuge
mouth open
through all the layers
finding at the bottom
what pulls us through
when everything's gone
too great to be measured


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

S's for sullen

the soft silver
sealing the sky
all day I listen
to the clouds cry


And all that's in there is you

Like a soft voice
through the wind
the mystique
consumed me

With no eyes
to see just
composed of light

Perhaps what is just is
and doesn't matter
and what's in our hearts
is the only reality


Reading Tree Rings

When we as old ghosts
complain about moisture
content in
the wind blown mist
in an alien tongue
and demand
A little more respect
from  green ghosts

To the flower
note that the pine tree
and the rock face
are just  hard to read
and probably well



Monday, July 4, 2011

I wish I was the person you loved

when the skies overfill with hope
I wish I could be there with you

I heard a voice waving at me
like it was singing from the tub
but it was only your ghost
and I nod and wake up to the wind
howling snow at me

as fish
flop on the dock, and Uncle
Bob cracks jokes and
I wish I was the person you loved


That's all

The soft shifting of the river
stars reflecting on
the glossy foliage
deep green and silent

As I looked 
into a world
bottled into pages
and fell in love with the
embers peering
back at the fire
trying to be certain
I don't know anything
just feeling
the startling jolt of creation
that's all 


Guitar Solo?

 Hello, I like to play the electric guitar but I don't like to practice a lot so it's hard to keep up the skill level. I decided to use the blog to motivate me. I'm working on a guitar solo.  I've composed the notes, but can't really play it up to speed quite yet. I don't really know how I'm going to record it, but I'll think of something. It will be a raw recording though.  I hope ptting this up here makes me practice more!  I am giving myself a month to post an audio clip and I'm not sure how much I'll be posting poetry but I might still do that too, I don't know. I  hope this gets me going. If  I never post my solo you'll know it didn't work... 


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Living pregnant together

Walk with me through the doorway
through walls and ceilings
tousled dreams & sleepless nights
trusting enough to tell anything almost as if
we want to or like you want to
anything growing inside
that wants to come out

like living pregnant together
there with how you are
with what's inside me
touch me again if you want
say anything feel anything
touch ask or be silent
nothing is too weird

Now with one hand over the other
feeling our love again
as kicking babies in the womb


Deep Under The Something Blue Sea

like whispers
between two stars
two birds fly fast as fire

vanishing into the -
too hard to see bright scene like
the one people look at and think "serenity"

OK, they're gone, I wish them well
hoping one of them was me

but just between you and I
there's blood running into the shadows
deep under the something blue sea
burning in the flames of now and never 

where something starts as a kind of fill-in word
because of the two deeps in a row so I might find another
word for deep, deep meaning intense not far down
but then I somehow I convince myself that it sounds pretty good
and that it could mean a few different things
while also thinking about trying to convince myself
I shouldn't love you so much because it is just me
and you know how that goes.
OK, like blood filling into shadows
could be some kind of positive thing, right ? ...


Friday, July 1, 2011

Skylark GPS

A Skylark's gentle eye
A fallen blossom's still bloom

Had they both known love
with such a presence?
the vastness of the sky
rushing through an
open window

last night the poetry
piled up in feathers
and I dreamed someone
spoke of us being born

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The unspoken collage

Like the girl in
bed he watches
the years move
as slowly moves love

like the guy in bed
she watches
grown up into dreams
they escaped

like the girl in bed
he watches
both memories
senses and habit

like the guy in bed
she watches
the unspoken collage
the mysteries take


Teaching the sea to swim

Would flowers flower
without your love?
No, not all
no, not one

Beside the blazing
surplus of stars
struck a torch high over
midnight radiating elegantly
onto the Earth
teaching the sea
to swim


That something better mattered

You may hate mosaics
or wish not to want
to live as soft rolling lips
say it's a dream

that it's love too
to put worth on
and drop into a slotted
stone cosmos
that something better mattered

Not that some barbarous death
compares to that worth
in whose telling
anything can or can't be gained
as learning to do things from articles and
books alone

But when you're this much in love
it doesn't really matter if one is
better than the other because
it's like dying and It's hard to change
your mind when you're dead


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Tunnel Between Hearts

Wishes and dreams
draw breath from
deep beneath
the undulating shadows.

The phantom riders
of the surface see
alone themselves
while below
aquatic eyeless hearts
swim the ocean currents
drawn to each other
making their way
with water wings


The Way Backwards

After A few minutes I narrow
and I don't see me as clearly
am I some other construct?
a country or perhaps a mountain
or just the fascination of something from
five frames further
into the future

It's the small, slow successes
the art of what matters in matters
that supply the business of
and now I must go back into
myself reversed
,see you
past the into travel to way only the is this


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why is a hard word

I could call this
Cold Dark Of A Secret Dawn
but why would I?

Why is a hard word
one of the petrified order
that wrap themselves around us
and we ask them what's with this and
that when cornered they conveniently forget
the answer then forget to forget and
slowly losing back all but the surface
they answer in a glimpse or a shiver

I am trying in this division in this
moment-less space that leaves and stays
to say here as far as it's gotten to divinity
(who gets to what they want every time?)
to say the same secret I hope you have
but different and that there is that to
love even more than us

And I treat what I don't know here
with the hope of starting another
part of this beginning that always is
uncertain to go as far as to say
I've felt it and know it to be good

though air does not yet exist
this love still sticks beneath
my nails and I hope it's more
than just me


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why the moon stole from the sky

Her fire grew wings upon his heart
and he flew to the center of the sun
feathered in the fingers of her flames

And the moon saw
being here now the
same as love
and how we loved here too
and said as much
while wondering what went true together
And He sang

O  how my heart soars when her soul sings
and I feel the fiery heart of
her being,  Let the fingers of her flames dance upon my skin

and the sea believed what the sky saw
how the sunlit arc revealed
why the moon took the
sun from the sky


All the dreams but one

In words white as space
that sing never leaving
and crawl out from
beneath night's
deepest breath

a voice wide as space
dances light upon my heart
and wakes up
all the dreams

but one and none
so dear as
I walk beside her


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Answering An Angel

   is a gentle beauty...
a meditation

What is the world but the world?


Thursday, June 9, 2011

We Became The Talk Of Space

Days were forgotten
along with solidity
and we became the talk of space
whispers through the Galaxy

with no end to the beginning
a timeless remembering
of  flesh and bone
when the burning blood of our souls
ran as fire through our hearts



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fishing For Similes

I don't understand
the tops of letters
leaving me dry
as they fly by
as I preen my self
of their spikes and crowns
they call horns and pricks

that fall behind
like fading orgasms
yellowing in awareness
I'm going fishing for smiles
and as for me (whose
smiling leaves 
in finding the next thing)

I wondered why God
with her nouns, molecules
atoms and letters
all at the table
would hide in of all things


Slow Time

Watch silently as
slow time advances
to the click-clatt er click
of old age

Seasons strangely change
And man in his own right
was made to see the light light.

People in prisons
shouldn't throw chains.


A Far And Distant Memory

Silently David was born
  and Goliath Sprang into existence
       From David's brain.
Slowly and quietly
       the war arose between
       two nations
       Two false images collided
Imagination being fought
   and with impeccable aim
David cast a stone at the
   forehead of Goliath &
        Goliath fell.



a forgotten heart
colors the morning air
a dim sun pinkish blue
rests on lilacs fresh with dew
glistening in its moist field
refracted in its droplets
a rainbow smiles
with its frown
upside down


Monday, June 6, 2011

Sharing what's left

sheets of rain
hang motionless
in midair
I run inside
to find you


Always will
I look through water
past closed libraries
at the galloping rainbows, fabric
of all of life
once pools of doubt would
allow no more than victory
arrival and a walk through hair
now I thank God how much of
you is there how the air I need is
seen still through water in the corner
cut by wind weight born tender
a note from an eye more than lashes
a symbol from the more than a
pumping organ and a ewe drawn poorly
while looking at a painting
put together to how I feel

I Can Hear The Wind And Flowers

the color of  long romantic moments
drawn in
saturated by your you
I can hear the wind and flowers
as your song vibrates
growing slowly
within me
mending me nurturing me
transforming shadows
into music
I collapse between
sensibilities*  our continents
close in on together


Friday, June 3, 2011

I Was Born In a Poem

Her voice is the morning sky
singing to the sea and earth
why, why, why

I was born in a poem
and in a poem I shall die

like voice is in the morning sky


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sailing toward the unreachable place

Now I see you sleeping miles away
controlling my dreams...

as the sea washes over me
I feel the caress of each crest touch the shore

* Dearest friend, we are connected undeneath this body of water. I'd love to be with you so much.
Still, I feel you with me, and this is truly wonderful, no matter where I am , no matter where you are.
Reality is very interesting,  as is really being with the someone you love and enjoying the everyday
 or a getaway or even a struggle about some stupid thing. I am learning to leran about myself and  it is very interesting. In any case, nice places are really fun to go to,  even if  you're not there with
the  person you truly love the most! 
* The wifi signal is OK but it logs off if you sit idle here.Cell phone surfing  hasn't invaded this beach area  and no laptops at the tiki bar have been seen so far.I don't even see any earplugs or ipods which is really strange. I think that is a good sign though. People seem to just want to listen to the waves and gulls and the occasional screech  from a child..


Sailing Softly Through Light Waves

She is the fire in the sea
with each breath
pulling in the shore

as the ship masts
sway and lean
balancing the horizon
holding their store

slowly moving
closer to each other


Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Love Is

My soul dances in the morning air

What is love
but that you bring my heart
a million smiles



I need a real vacation, somewhere close by.
I'm going to watch the sunset on the water
for a few days.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Radiation: warmth and light

With wonder I look in your eyes
How you radiate from within
so beautifully
and how I feel your softness
warmth and light
deep inside
the darkest parts of me


Collision: warmth and light

Love be enough. That madness cannot present itself
as truth, just madness, and that be truth enough.  And more so...

Imagine the sun
cratered into the moon
that large my love grows
so inspired by your
warmth and light
I grew mountains
and enlarged a thousand fold
and myself lit to return
your illuminating glow


Saturday, May 21, 2011

The still soft universe

Their souls burn night bright
moving with time's
pauses and still lightness
like the man, woman, or child
rapt in sunshine, music, or air
in each found the other
listening to love


Friday, May 20, 2011

The light in air traveling the sky

A forest silhouette
as the last powdery cloud
sneaks through the closing
curtain of night

with mountains
all gone 
all shifted beneath the
golden eye of the fire
we dream simply
to ourselves

from the earth
underneath leaves
and the light in air
traveling the sky



Passing cars drink the earth

and again
passing cars drink the earth
replaced in their passage
into air and water

the oleaginous spot in the ground
whose black is half gotten now
or more by now half gone harder to get

in plumes or in shivering dew
sinking back to the earth
in us all as we pass through

Whose wielded weight in numbness
we inherited
as tears you make
to feel your heart



Disclosure: as much as I dislike oil, I like old cars and the way they look.
I  lowered the compression of the engine in the 69 rs/ss convertible pictured above
so it gets good gas mileage. I dont drive it very often. I really like some of the muscle cars from the late 60's and early 70's, especially the way they looked. I guess I am slightly hypocritical in this poem because I keep this car and like it, as it uses oil and burns gas. But, even most electric cars pollute, in the secondary sense of how the electricity they run on was originally produced. 

The song is from a 60's band called "Spirit". The video is about the BP oil disaster in the gulf of mexico last year..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swimming the curves of our heart

beneath the breath
shifting gold blood white
into the mud and sea
slow swimming the curves
of our heart

is the air briefly held
holding treasure gone
and won this evening steam
passing through us
lost as a river in the sea


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet Earth Below me

So when...

So today I'll be over
As I once did
with these letters
with their edges in ways I'll try

routine in their Urgency
fraying at the corners
to meet their destination
wandering dark gardens

sweet earth below me
that the road before us
keep important as the dream


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On Absinthe Day

the street weaves its overture in cracks
as the sun sets like an apple with whiskers

on Absinthe Day 
the third week of June each year
a remarkably frail human being
at the drying facility at Boveresse
comes in
to contact with experience

at Boveresse now Val de Travers
I am now and will always be
in love with You forever.


*I'm gone for about two weeks . I will miss you all. <3

(not my wedding!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

In Love With Rushing Water

As the sun drains
from the sky the
world dies and
my fingers fill
into the spaces
I've lived through

The physical stories
still breathing as
memories embedded
in the vivid settings
inside my heart

to after a spring rain
when a sister and brother
played by a flooded curb
in love with rushing water


Friday, April 29, 2011

What God says without words

                                                What God said without words

This year
Spring came early and clean

as a warm breeze
draped over winter's spine

When God said without words

                                                 I Love You



Most Poems Have Burrs

Most poems have burrs
some that fall off and
stick to us

some poems have burrs
like stellate stars
that penetrate the heart
and warm the liver

and some have burrs
that are scary or cold
and kind of make you shiver

this poem has a burr too
I'm totally in Love with You
and I really am... it's true.

I hope that doesn't
give you the flu.


It's Going To Be A Huge Kiss

                     The Queen looks wonderful...and the bride so happy!

as may you have life in the world to come, everlasting..I see elton john but no mick yet.
6:27 AM ( Eastern Time US) nice prayer...what is the"evil" that builds compelled to be released?
Getting rid of it seems at first logical, but it's better to hold it in ... it will dissipate
( but what if the evil does some good? eeeks ...still it's better to hold it in ...if you can!)
7:15 AM  It's nice that the weather held up.The guard horses are doing a great job. The dry ground providing for extra bounce. The bride is still smiling, and they're arriving now at Buckingham Palace,
the flower girls seen on the three giant screens. This does make you think about getting married.
It can't be helped... well done London!
as the world waits for a kiss
7:50 The crowd is marching towards the Palace waving Union Jacks. I think this may be a sign to invest in the market. It's orderly because they know what's coming. I can't help but think of a particular first kiss, but as exciting as it was, it pales in comparison to what's coming...( I have to admit I'm also thinking about kissing you! That would be bigger than this..but I am excited enough . I must try not to think of such things right now)

It's going to be a HUGE KISS though!

The second kiss was pretty good, better than the first and good enough to seal the deal.
Very nice! It seems the Queen has had enough and wants her drink now.
The bride gave a wonderful last glance, over her shoulder to the crowd as she walked inside and now I see people are walking in the fountain. All in all a great show. It's time to go shopping , bye!

As lovely as
the Trust I Believe in

You were not
1   Any of the various North American vultures
2   A pleonectic person
3   really You  in your Angel Skin coat

Let classified ads work for you - Dial SH1-101 Now!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sea Light In Black Water

I wish I could take
most of you back
the a/c makes an icy reply
and she scoots over
the seat belts turned on

Sea light in black water


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trees Touch The Air

Quietly trees touched the air
inching toward clouds as
they gently tunneled downward

Their branches weighted to the
changing days
slowly sailed ships that
moved onward

Trees with clothes, wheels, and flowers
drawn upon their leaves
now sail their ships
with true natures inaudible
still cling to each other somehow

As their roots breathe in hardened air 
and their branches walk through stone.


One Heartbeat Away From Breaking

tombs of sadness
acquiesce and ascend
above a robin's fading cry

With benevolence
bent on addiction
chains the carcanet
as the wind chimes play

to a dancy fromage
one heartbeat
away from breaking


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Woods In Bloom

 Spring is
a good girlfriend

Her flowers bring  forth
an ancient gladness
I love


Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the Arena

Is the old way out?
in this way only is
romance about
the way I love you

I can sense you in the area
on a sign outside where
the gates to the ocean open
lay the earth behind my blinds

A wedding bell chimes
the lull to be kept in
pursuing a hope without gradually
caring whatever that means
growing within love
in the beginning
dreaming there is no left there

Squeezed by her legs
and pressed into the sun
a place a home
the earth behind
my blinds
opening the floodgates of an ocean.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Each Day's A Chance

Each day is a chance to watch love grow

  And I flew with a Dancer's Heart
feeling Love's music awakening my soul



Named By The Sky

We are alive
And the trees lift their
golden arms and the clouds
flower into gothic messengers
of reawakening

And as startled -
as delighted by the
morning bird's song

In us contained
the truth, and a chance
opaque, wild,  inescapable

as we drag the sea through
and believe in silence.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Thousand

We had
a thousand scars for every one he had
 taken a thousand more pills
and resurrected ourselves a thousand more times

Waking  last  night  thinking
about     l i f e    wondering
questioning  if  it's  all - right  
to love somebody this much 
the dangers
of being this
                   high and  the
                   mistakes you
 can make.   Like  asking
 to  be  stabbed  to death
 because  you  like  r e d .



Monday, April 11, 2011

Through Me

She moves
 through me as Spring moves
gently through the lines written on her leaves.

Lifting slowly through my veins
 Softly speaking to me 
Of the Life
That She sustains


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life Is An Infinity Of Change


As day spins into night
the sun burning hot recedes from view
and dusk captures the imagination.

                                                 Life is an infinity of change...


Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Saw The Sun Break Through The Sky


Each night
the air
 trusted the sun
to turn her

But when the
wind complained
last night
hiding the moon
and rain 
we grew
scared and confused
knowing  what was
at stake

We knew without light
we could not live, but we also
knew we had to trust the dark
So we moved below
 the skin's unimportance
and trusted our seeing
to the dragon's eye

And we held together
through the stormy weather
until  the sun
broke through
the sky.


*Dragon's Eye - love, wisdom, power
  compassion & understanding. Sometimes represented with the triangle symbol.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

When I Felt Her Words

When I read
 her words 
   I knew that I was in Love.

'With a jolt
my heart sped
 when thy voice
 like lightning
   struck so quickly.'

Seeing, Believing, and Feeling
their beauty
 Burning  Like Fire  behind  my  eyes...


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Closeted Dream

The storm 
arose in his mind.
A cloud spoke

'it's your turn to die!'

the rain wept
while the sun hid
in the honey of space.



Thank you. !

I thought I would pick one, ( or two, I might add another), of my favorite poems from last year
and post them here ( where they might be seen), for my new friends and followers of my blog.

...And it's sad that how much knowledge we have makes such a difference in how we think.

Here's always there so why believe anything? So what if I don't believe in anything I can still believe in believing in something that I don't believe in. I hadn't been myself and then I felt what I believe, believing in what I didn't believe in, but now wasn't always behind me, and all that time, had I believed what I didn't believe in,  I might have laughed, and had I died first and could choose again, I might rather die believing in something that never happened, that I didn't believe in, than being sure that nothing would happen at all

( re-post)

How Much Is It Worth

How much is it worth ?
not counting money

If I think I can talk
like a friend to you
and laugh cry or smile
for us
and you

but then it's only me
trying hard in this way
to say

to listen to you
as if I knew
you could really love me.

    - End of Reposted Poem-

We are surrounded by extra-nuclear forces ...

 and things are   NEVER   as  they    s e e m !

She is everything
but how much is that worth?
I stare
into her magnificent eyes
I am bling
just staring
as she burns through my lenses
so strong is her heat

I feel her breathing back

The penetration lights
infernos inside me
as she brands me
with the iron of her
inexplicably delicious

and as a bridge worker            working  out   at   the   end   of   the   beam
to a  b u i l d i n g

 in the stink of a thigh
flies my stink

and under a Freudian Slip
died my quip the blink of an eye


*I'm tempted to add something but decide not to.
* title changed 5 hours after publishing

1.Original title was: 'In the Stink of a Thigh'
2."under a Freudian Slip ", "in the blink of an eye" &
    "in the think of a why" were added 2 days after posting
     in an attempt to make sense of a  "cleaned up" & "revised " version
     of the original poem which ended in a coital double orgasm..
3."dies my quip" replaced the original ending line: " flies my stink"
4. Some other rhyme replaced  idioms for
    "in the blink of an eye":
5. numerous other changes were made on the 3rd day when she rose.
in the pink of a sky

in the drink of a rye
in the wink of a bi
in the kink of a tie
in the shrink of a high
in the dink of a guy
in the ink of a dye
in the mink of a pie
in the think of a why

Added approx: 3:47 PM April 6, 2011 - and changed numerous times thereafter...
 In the two days following the original post, I lost a couple of followers because of the 'vulgarity' in this post. I won't be changing my words in the future due to the potential damage from some perceived vulgarity or crudeness. That said, most of my posts will be PG with an occasional

  Thank you for bearing with me during this expression of sensuality. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Moon Shines From The Inside

The Moon Shines From The Inside

those in whom love grows

Her voice
now ever strong
casts past the dark shadows 
with awakening sounds
that ring out loud
from the deep of her body

In a time gone by
the river moon
 that swims so peacefully now
was besieged and battered
and swam frantically
 left scarred in a
hypnotic introspection
with the sea

But now sings
a rhapsodic harmony
of the mesmeric glow
that shines from
 within her

She beams through the darkness
to rekindle in others
 the flames
of eternal


Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Pet

Traveling at
light speed
without direction
the product of a creation
that bedazzles and befuddles
that gives birds 
branches to sing on
and gave me the ability to pretend
it's OK living without you

that lets me tell you
I love you more now
than forever
now more than
ever before

I beg
to be drawn back
into your mysterious
to ride on the center
between gravity.

    an incomplete disaster


Friday, April 1, 2011

Inside Her Atoms

Time has slowed to serenity
opaquely seeing

the fireballs
dance around me
in a new world.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Her Smile

It's true that
Her smile is a masterpiece of

But it was never the smile
or the way she might dangle
a pen in her mouth
or her dark angling eyes 
that compressed my heart
and pounded blood through
the sides of my neck

Poor soul
crushed to an ash
smitten, flushed
with a crimson glow
She crept into every pore.

He shifted past
yellow angels
enamored by the
rose lining of
her heart
and sped into the crash
of a love only imagined

But it's all too real
what she feels
when the swells rise inside
and the sky fills with thier dreams
as I sit watching with burning eyes

Love has again
cruelly passed by
and what's left are the screams
from the cold hollows of a
tortured soul as the dull blade
twists deeper through a punctured heart .


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The dark eyes of a shadow

There is a symmetry to silence
 this quirky dance
 the private romance
 of our memory

And somewhere
 between the
 boarding pass
 and the far reach
 of a spectrum

A reflection looks
 through glass
 past what
 we know

To find a glow
 in the dark eyes
 of a shadow.