Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Heavenly Gifts She Brings Me

Under a late July
moon the birds arrive
feather by feather
gently building their
wings over the forgetful

This year, even
the squirrels tail
twitches slowly

Oh the heavenly gifts
your love brings me.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Mouse Dream

Mice have entered
through a hole in my
roof but I am tired.
I dream of eating them
and wake with nine toes


Friday, July 22, 2011

I never liked that word

I carry poetry in my arms
and place it in the dead tree
holding my heart in a bag



Thursday, July 21, 2011

And In this Uncertainty I Love You

And In that uncertainty
the weight of your
words has followed

as I stand inside
this living fire
with the cool shade
from tall trees all
around me

The laugh of eternity
as we realized
we could look beyond
its expiration and
the feeling of
bliss being near you

Yes time keeps running
but not fast enough
to keep this paradise


The Sea Tempest

The goddess of love
is lost tonight
her rays of hope

The angelic moon
has lost its fight
with a  retreating  glance
it stares

Naught to be done
but to wait and  to wait
'Til comes that awful hour

Naught to be done
that can hope to abate
what comes



The tickle dream

In a dream You
tickled me and I tickled you back
( yours was better).

And though my heart can only bloom
inside Your lovely garden
and though it's only Your soul that
sings me back to sleep in the middle
of the night
I know now that all I've done here
is crafted me a set of beautiful wings
with which I'll never truly be able to fly.


Above all these titles

Beyond Heaven
is my joy
here on Earth

 Her feet the continents
 her heart  
   the twirling arms of stars




Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super fidelity LP

Everything is to music
as Love is to Life
Listening quietly
to the sound of
words and not their
to the sound of Love
and all the beautiful silence
between songs knowing with this
Love the music will never end

In all the silence of forgotten things

In a sense we plant
our love each night
in soil and water
patient with our fears
In all the silence of
forgotten things

Monday, July 18, 2011

Soul first

I want
to swim in a river near
your smile
to find together the secret
passageway to the soft ruins

I want to crumble with you
into the universe


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Disappearing Ink

Just day dreaming here
about the feelings
filling the pages
of my heart
As all the words disappear
in front of me
It's hard to read
when you're in love.



While I was falling

As I was thought
I could never be emptiness

the wind
floats a leaf
as it falls I turn
and look up at the sky


Thursday, July 14, 2011

As the heavens speak to the sky

Your Love
moves in me
like a shining stream
of silver stars
Speaking silently to my heart
as the heavens speak
to the sky



The baby oranges are almost
teenagers already!
This is a typical lovely florida
summer sky. The tree is in
the front yard and I'm going to
remove some of the dead wood
because it's hurricane season!
This is a picture from my
reclining cloud chair in the back yard

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lonely day

And so
I've saved my heart from rejection

and placed it in my chest
as though it were pressed between
 two pages of a book


* while putting in the song which took about a half hour because everything kept going wrong, I lost the text that accompanied what I wrote up top. It was about going back and reading a diary and thinking about changes.

Heres a nice mellow old song by King Crimson I got from youtube :

Two Take On Destiny

We breathe until we were one
together one each as the other
dancing faster than our shadows

as the sun dances
inside its own shadow
her gold heart bare
to the eyes of death

Her glitter thrown glows wide
rising high from the top of the sea
soft to touch and freely given
fertilizing glass winds filling into

And Into Heaven
with wooden spools
a film shot between lives
lifts sailors once forgotten
above water as they fly
far from the sea.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The Light From Her Voice

What could dissolve me
of my beliefs so thoroughly
as a rain so fresh it glitters
eternally on my heart?

So moist
ethereal and radiant
a Lotus blooms in the sky!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sun with our heart

s t r e t c h
across heaven
painting the sky with our light
 a wondrous display
sprinkling hope through the night

carrying her planets
 shines the Sun with our heart
 bringing ever so gently
each day a new start


Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Tale Of The Red Hippopotamus

What tales be told of the tails we hold,
held if only so briefly in the halls of our hearts

as thoughts wander
as the chimpanzees play
as passing strangers on their way

Ever unheard the supernatural giraffe's
gaffe? or been the acquaintance
to the tongueless cobra that whistled by
the light of day or been able to claim like me
you've actually seen the rare cry of the
red hippopotamus that you wished had
never gotten away


The war in between something and nothing

                                        "Cars,  planes, and tv's"  R. Ellis C2011

When all the words became you
I needed to find a way
to gather up all measure of gravity

landing in a centrifuge
mouth open
through all the layers
finding at the bottom
what pulls us through
when everything's gone
too great to be measured


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

S's for sullen

the soft silver
sealing the sky
all day I listen
to the clouds cry


And all that's in there is you

Like a soft voice
through the wind
the mystique
consumed me

With no eyes
to see just
composed of light

Perhaps what is just is
and doesn't matter
and what's in our hearts
is the only reality


Reading Tree Rings

When we as old ghosts
complain about moisture
content in
the wind blown mist
in an alien tongue
and demand
A little more respect
from  green ghosts

To the flower
note that the pine tree
and the rock face
are just  hard to read
and probably well



Monday, July 4, 2011

I wish I was the person you loved

when the skies overfill with hope
I wish I could be there with you

I heard a voice waving at me
like it was singing from the tub
but it was only your ghost
and I nod and wake up to the wind
howling snow at me

as fish
flop on the dock, and Uncle
Bob cracks jokes and
I wish I was the person you loved


That's all

The soft shifting of the river
stars reflecting on
the glossy foliage
deep green and silent

As I looked 
into a world
bottled into pages
and fell in love with the
embers peering
back at the fire
trying to be certain
I don't know anything
just feeling
the startling jolt of creation
that's all 


Guitar Solo?

 Hello, I like to play the electric guitar but I don't like to practice a lot so it's hard to keep up the skill level. I decided to use the blog to motivate me. I'm working on a guitar solo.  I've composed the notes, but can't really play it up to speed quite yet. I don't really know how I'm going to record it, but I'll think of something. It will be a raw recording though.  I hope ptting this up here makes me practice more!  I am giving myself a month to post an audio clip and I'm not sure how much I'll be posting poetry but I might still do that too, I don't know. I  hope this gets me going. If  I never post my solo you'll know it didn't work... 


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Living pregnant together

Walk with me through the doorway
through walls and ceilings
tousled dreams & sleepless nights
trusting enough to tell anything almost as if
we want to or like you want to
anything growing inside
that wants to come out

like living pregnant together
there with how you are
with what's inside me
touch me again if you want
say anything feel anything
touch ask or be silent
nothing is too weird

Now with one hand over the other
feeling our love again
as kicking babies in the womb


Deep Under The Something Blue Sea

like whispers
between two stars
two birds fly fast as fire

vanishing into the -
too hard to see bright scene like
the one people look at and think "serenity"

OK, they're gone, I wish them well
hoping one of them was me

but just between you and I
there's blood running into the shadows
deep under the something blue sea
burning in the flames of now and never 

where something starts as a kind of fill-in word
because of the two deeps in a row so I might find another
word for deep, deep meaning intense not far down
but then I somehow I convince myself that it sounds pretty good
and that it could mean a few different things
while also thinking about trying to convince myself
I shouldn't love you so much because it is just me
and you know how that goes.
OK, like blood filling into shadows
could be some kind of positive thing, right ? ...


Friday, July 1, 2011

Skylark GPS

A Skylark's gentle eye
A fallen blossom's still bloom

Had they both known love
with such a presence?
the vastness of the sky
rushing through an
open window

last night the poetry
piled up in feathers
and I dreamed someone
spoke of us being born