Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sun with our heart

s t r e t c h
across heaven
painting the sky with our light
 a wondrous display
sprinkling hope through the night

carrying her planets
 shines the Sun with our heart
 bringing ever so gently
each day a new start



roseanna2u said...

I love this <3

Angel said...

Yes, and each day also it brings new hope.Nice post!

Eva said...

This is beautiful.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Inspiring post.

The Dreamer said...

This is beautiful. :) I love how you're playing with format too now. Thanks for your comments! I just got back from the UK so I'll be posting soon. Don't worry, I won't abandon my readers <3

Jyoti Mishra said...

I missed your posts as I was disconnected from web :(

Fantastic again.
Loved it.

Whatever said...

<3 rhyming even! you are a master. :)

rivercat said...

thanks roseanna2u, Angel, Eva, & PBB :)
Hi Dreamer and Jyoti glad youre are back <3
Hi Whatever, ha, i love when I chance upon a poetry google snippet or explanation of all the forms of poetry. I just barely know a sonnet is 14 lines ( i just googled to make sure!) but i wrote one here once and it was 13 lines and when i found out it wassupposed to be 14 I changed the title to "13 line sonnet" and kind of made believe i knew what i was doing. A rhyme does seem to slip out now and then though. thnx <3

Anonymous said...

I love you.


Borderline Lil said...

This is just beautiful. One of my favourites of yours, I think (-:

Anna Sergi said...

Such a warm feeling you transmit.

Beyond said...

loved the sun's message... a bright new start after a dark night, I hope people can understand it.. they need to

erin said...

it is both your poetry
and what rests just behind it silently
in shadow with sinewy join
that makes reading you special.


rivercat said...

wow tywo, I am ovewhelmed and at a loss for words at such a sweet comment! Thanks! <3
hi borderlineLil, I think I changed this one 20 times but sadly that is not the record. Thnx for such a nice comment:)
hi Anna, thanks :)
hi Beyond, thnx, it seems to be a hlpfulway to look at things esp when feeling down
hi erin, wow, thank you. xo

Anonymous said...

Where do you get this inspiration, your lines are so poetic and lovely......another great piece.

rivercat said...

hi marie,thanks! I guess I enjoy being surprised by the process of writing..m:)