Monday, July 18, 2011

Soul first

I want
to swim in a river near
your smile
to find together the secret
passageway to the soft ruins

I want to crumble with you
into the universe



Beyond said...

and that is just the beginning... :)

Whatever said...

Okay, what are you waiting for then. :)

saraht said...

This is exquisite, and you are wonderful. xo

kerrod said...

captivating c:
go for it.

rivercat said...

hi beyond, just before i wrote this i didnt think id ever write again.
hi whatever, i dont think the feelings are mutual and am afraid to face reality. im glad i can love someone this much though, even if the feelings arent shared.
well,I tried to answer as hoestly as I could :)
hi saraht, thats sweet of you. thnx :)
hi kerrod, thnx for the comment, your blog and poetry are awesome :)

Anonymous said...

sigh..these words bring me satisfaction beyond the satisfaction of mere humanity.


Anonymous said...

P.S. I love you.
I read "im glad i can love someone this much though, even if the feelings arent shared" and teared up. It is so beautiful of you.


roseanna2u said...

The first part about the smile kills me the most. I love you too! <3

Angel said...

So fortunate this lady ,she din't know how much you loved her..just don't give up who knows one day she will !

rivercat said...

hi tywo, yes , you know each time you fall in love it seems more intense and i think i am glad I have seemed to grow in understanding about it. thanks for the kind words :)
hi angel, i dont ike to make assumptions. sometimes no matter how nice you are or think you are the other person just isnt interested , and that is just how love is. similarites can be attractive but for me falling in love now is to th death, whether theperson likes me or not, However i wouldnt want to stalk someone and become aburden to a person I loved so i think its wise to eventually move on after you tell them you love them. Its awkward and painful but the only way sometimes to be sure. :)

zonedin said...

The river waters can be so powerful and break down even the hardest rock at the mountain's core and sometimes you can find there is gold in there and sometimes it just makes you smile from it's beauty:~)

rivercat said...

true, water is amazing stuff. THis making me think of what we need to live. food clothes and shelter and water. You don't really need clothes unless it cold though I guess :)

zonedin said...

"Laughing out loud" Yes, you don't really need clothes...when I stay at the river, I just wear a bathing suit the whoe entire time. No need for a suitcase.