Friday, July 1, 2011

Skylark GPS

A Skylark's gentle eye
A fallen blossom's still bloom

Had they both known love
with such a presence?
the vastness of the sky
rushing through an
open window

last night the poetry
piled up in feathers
and I dreamed someone
spoke of us being born


Whatever said...

the feathers lined my palm, I ducked through the clouds into the blinding light above, Then I woke up, falling over the rainbow, but somehow somewhere the dream sings on.

roseanna2u said...

I love the surrealism of "a fallen bloom's still blossom" <3

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

"A fallen bloom's still blossom"

Magical and surreal!

Anna Sergi said...

Had they both known love
with such a presence?

What if they had?

Anonymous said...

I read this, then closed my eyes to try to repeat it. I sighed. Such joy in my heart. This is magic.
You are a lovely writer. This I believe.


Manech said...

last night the poetry
piled up in feathers

If this happens to you often, share me your secret. Mine's frequently in shards. Haha.

rivercat said...

hi Whatever, i keep waking up to the same daydream but I think its a good one even though its hard to get a handle on what it is :) hi roseanna2u and PBB, as happens often, i changed that line and reversed it. I dont know if I runied it or not :) HI anna, I guess the point is that people are different and the lucky ones find someone they love and love them and are in some ways similar but not totally of course. Hi tywo, thanks so much. You are a sweetheart to say that. Thanks <3 Hi manech, I went to your blog and it is the picture of a wooden fence! I'll try again later. My poetry is a disaster area but this is just in this poem that those lines worked. If I try to write something with a lot of meaning an put my words together with some structure, they fall apart for me now personally. I prefer to almost not know what they mean exactly anymore and but as a visual artists am concerned if they look good sound wise. I think thats from painting so much ( in the past)