Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lonely day

And so
I've saved my heart from rejection

and placed it in my chest
as though it were pressed between
 two pages of a book


* while putting in the song which took about a half hour because everything kept going wrong, I lost the text that accompanied what I wrote up top. It was about going back and reading a diary and thinking about changes.

Heres a nice mellow old song by King Crimson I got from youtube :


Jyoti Mishra said...

yeah.. damn true
In a way deep down in our heart we never change. We can pretend that we have changed but... we are always same.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

I like this. Short and sweet. Direct.

Whatever said...

They say you can never step into the same river twice, the river is constantly changing and so are you.
Time stands still for no man. :)

The Dreamer said...

Preservation. Is always so sweet <3

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Oh, never go back! It feels pathetic.

Madhulika said...

It happens... we can wear faces to make the world believe that we have changed but it never actually happens. Deep down somewhere.. we preserve things forever..!!!

Peachyyy said...

Well written. Strangely reminds me of Sylvia Plath :s

Long time.
how are you river cat?

Anonymous said...

holding on to something we thought was lost and then finding it all back is such an amazing thing. you are wonderful. really.

rivercat said...

hi jyoti, more or less true. My brother was in the twin towers on 911 and just made it. It really changed him radically.
hi PBB, thanks :)
hi Whatever, i agree, with what we know now about time but who knows for sure.The river thing, what if the river was a circle and you step back just as the same water molecules pass again.? Im just being silly for fun, and yes, I agree with what you say about time change generally :)
hi dreamer, so glad youre posting again! <3
Hi blogwriter, I think it was a cool experience to look back and think about it for awhile. Life is kind of a yo you of feelings and im getting interested in how that transistion operates. Theres seems to often be a dominate thought or sometimes a tiring of thinking about something makes us move on naturally. I think some people take drugs to keep that balance if it gets to badly our of control.
hi Madhulika, yes, there must be something memory is a big part of it.
Hi haze, yes, like my wallet I left on the windshield of my car
overnight outside. I was freaked it was gone for good this morning
. I know you mean more like relationships but that's even more true. I remember one in college like that but sadly it eneded twice!

rivercat said...

hi Peachyyy, about a month ago i read for the first time her poetry. i read bell jar in school.
i dont kmow much about analyzing poems but this wasmy take.
i thought she was a master of vocabulary first impression and that made her hard for me to read some of her poems. she also put thoughts together in an intricate and powerful way and seemed sometimes depressed. i read that she killed herself at a young age and consider her to be a genious but i dont gravitate strongly to her poetry at this time but have only read like 25 poems.
have i blabbered enough yet?
im doing ok, hope you are too !

Anonymous said...

Do you read my mind? I saved my heart from rejection, and now I hurt for I screwed it up. Oh well, what can one do? Ha, just keep living.
I can't wait to get home to listen to the song.


zonedin said...

I love this song. I've always wanted to fly with the wind..but I do talk to it and it speaks to me through my skin and hair. I believe I change constantly, but the core of "me" is always consistent. I cover and undcover it various times in my life, but it evolves stronger with each passing breeze.

cherie said...

This, by itself, is beautiful.

Angel said...

Seems a sad post! Smile friend!