Sunday, July 3, 2011

Living pregnant together

Walk with me through the doorway
through walls and ceilings
tousled dreams & sleepless nights
trusting enough to tell anything almost as if
we want to or like you want to
anything growing inside
that wants to come out

like living pregnant together
there with how you are
with what's inside me
touch me again if you want
say anything feel anything
touch ask or be silent
nothing is too weird

Now with one hand over the other
feeling our love again
as kicking babies in the womb



Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Do I hear the birds singing? So are we?
If we are, congratulations River! Woot woot!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

I've been reading your last couple of poems. You're quite a romantic. The comment above is making me wonder. Is this true? Congratulations then!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh my!!!
Please explain! I am translating so much from this poem. If my mind is in the same direction as the comments above, congratulations!!!!


roseanna2u said...

I'm not sure how to interpret this!
Do mean prego? If so congratulations!

rivercat said...

hi pbb, Im relieved to say i dont even know anyone who is pregnant. My cousin just had a little baby girl and that may be where this came from. The baby is TINY! but has full head of hair. Interesting looking creatures babies... very cute.
hi blog, no! ha. not at all
hi tywo, no not even a little pregnant. This was just about thinkind about thoughts as children that sometimes come out of our wombs. :)
hi roseanna2u, not prego...still searching for a soulmate :)

erin said...

rivercat, i left with no questions, only an imprint of gorgeousness. this is beautiful writing/feeling/living. i hope that your call should be answered one day soon. imagine what poetry would be born of that!


rivercat said...

hi erin, what a nice comment, thanks <3 i almost commented on your blog a few times then ran off.
I guess i didnt feel what i had to say came out right, but I read all the posts and admire your writing :)

Keda said...

This is lovely work, but also rather disconcerting. I am torn apart between loving the imagery, and feeling weird about using pregnancy (mother - child) to relate to love (father - mother or lover - lover).


rivercat said...

hi keda, that is totally normal. I felt the same way but saw the feeling as secondary to the idea of pregnant in the other sense but then using it to the max in the childbirth sense too at the end metaphorically. yes it is a tad weird, a littlevmore so i would guess for some and understandably so. the whole point was expressing ourthoughts to each other that seems to be what the real world is about in some ways, the problem is holding on to a position without the spirit of compromise when there is disagreement. drawing circles in the sand of inclusuion rather than lines to not cross ( wondering if that makes sense) i better stop writing because i have insomnia lately and must get some sleep