Sunday, July 3, 2011

Deep Under The Something Blue Sea

like whispers
between two stars
two birds fly fast as fire

vanishing into the -
too hard to see bright scene like
the one people look at and think "serenity"

OK, they're gone, I wish them well
hoping one of them was me

but just between you and I
there's blood running into the shadows
deep under the something blue sea
burning in the flames of now and never 

where something starts as a kind of fill-in word
because of the two deeps in a row so I might find another
word for deep, deep meaning intense not far down
but then I somehow I convince myself that it sounds pretty good
and that it could mean a few different things
while also thinking about trying to convince myself
I shouldn't love you so much because it is just me
and you know how that goes.
OK, like blood filling into shadows
could be some kind of positive thing, right ? ...


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