Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Heavenly Gifts She Brings Me

Under a late July
moon the birds arrive
feather by feather
gently building their
wings over the forgetful

This year, even
the squirrels tail
twitches slowly

Oh the heavenly gifts
your love brings me.



Arian Tejano said...

What a fine serving in this dreary Tuesday night.

Indigo said...

Beautiful imagery! This will stay with me. (Hugs)Indigo

rivercat said...

wow you guys, thanks so much. Youre both amazing and I love to read your blogs. I was going to change the ending but decided to just change the title instead!

roseanna2u said...

This is so beautiful. I love this one. <3

TracyRobin said...

rivercat-you are amazing! how do you do it so well so often? you inspire me to try to achieve more.... xx

Angel said...

Beautiful poem!

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

That felt good in the middle of a dreary, stormy spell. Thanks river.

zonedin said...

How's your tangerine tree today? Any new signs?

rivercat said...

Hi everyone, ive written this comment three times now. Blogger is HORRIBLE! I cant seem to post comments on your sites either. I just got a new computer but I think its blogger. anyway, thanks for all the nice comments!
hi zoned, the tree is not doing well! thanks for asking. I guess it will be slowly cut down over the next couple months by me hoping for a miracle in the mean time

zonedin said...

Hi Rivercat...Sometimes if you don't cut the whole tree away and new sapling will grow from it's base..but some people think these are all suckers. However, I have left one that someone called a sucker and it grew into a very lovely new tree which produced fruit again. You might think of trying that..if you are not concerned about asthetics for a while.
By the way, I just noticed that the word "thier" should be "their." It's one of those convict words that doesn't follow the rules;~)
Hope you are enjoying a nice day, you don't want to know about mine;~(

rivercat said...

i am remembering some dreams lately . they are really fun to think about!
as strange and weird as thet are, they usually make sense about some concern butsometime you have a really nice dream and its a real treat.
yes suckers have the thorns and i have heard they are undesreable but i like them , i have a little tree that i think is almost all suckers and it lost half its trnk so ill probably not give up on this one. thanks for the their ill change that sometime.
i hope if your day was bad you have a pleasant dream tonight :)

zonedin said...

I find in my life that dreams are always better than reality.... kinda like Cervantes saying "The road is always better than the inn." It seems so definite using the word "always"...I didn't really like it at first, but then I decided that I agree with him.
Kinda like what my grandma used to say about always having a project on the agenda...the goal is really not to get everything done, because when you don't have a project, a goal, a plan or a dream..that is when life becomes terribly boring.

margg. said...

i have missed your words.

The Dreamer said...

why do you always make me speechless? :)

rivercat said...

i like the inn, but the road is good too. i am having trouble thinking lately. Personally i like it but its hard to write. its the first time ive ever felt like this and its interesting. I feel like i dont know how to build upon a thought with any conviction. I may have to take a break from writing.

rivercat said...

hi margg and dreamer , thanks :)

Whatever said...

the moon creeps back into the sky
slim from her days of fasting from the light.
I gather her fallen feathers,
but can not put the bird back together.
What was it that she wanted so badly to forget?
Time turns swallowing her own tail
and Love changes everything.

Jyoti Mishra said...

gifts in any forms brings a smile on our faces :)
lovely read !!!

I agree blogger sucks sometimes :]

Brittany said...

This makes me lust for love. Strong and real. Felt deep like the poetry of your significant and liberating words.

Anonymous said...

We could draw a picture with your poem as the images talk to our ears -
This kind of love we all dream of.