Friday, April 29, 2011

What God says without words

                                                What God said without words

This year
Spring came early and clean

as a warm breeze
draped over winter's spine

When God said without words

                                                 I Love You




zonedin said...

I love the colors in this painting! Purple says "I love you" to me. Happy spring!

rivercat said...

thnx zoned, i just finished changing this one.
sometimes you know something is wrong, but you don't know what it it takes a little juggling around :)

Linda said...

My gawd! This is so perfectly beautiful Rivercat. And the art work...simply beautiful!!!
Thank you!
I've copied the poem so that if you change it I have the good version. :)

Whatever said...

Here it is Autumn, The freshness curls about me like a dog chasing it's tail,
And the sun and the rain share airtime, kissing me warm and wet with his Love. xo

Isha Ethera Tirawa said...

whispered Beauty. ;)

roseanna2u said...

I love this so much:) It makes me feel tingly inside and out <3

Nicole✗✗ said...

That is simply beautiful!! I adore your insight. Great painting. : )

saraht said...

Wonderful! I love it. xo

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

I love the poem. Gosh, I love spring!

Jesse said...

draped. i'd forgotten about that verb.

rivercat said...

hi zoned, thanks again :)
hi Linda, thanx for the nice comment. I didnt change it because you said that, but I thought about it and came close to adding something :)
hi whatever, thnx, that is a beautiful comment :)
hi roseeanna2u, thank you for the nice thoughts, Im glad you like it :)
hi Isha, thnx, I love the positive messages on your blog :)
hi saraht, thanks :)
hi PBB, thnx, it is cool, spring is the land being born again each year :)
hi Jesse, thanks for visiting and commenting :)