Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sea Light In Black Water

I wish I could take
most of you back
the a/c makes an icy reply
and she scoots over
the seat belts turned on

Sea light in black water



painting workshop said...

I like your post! Thanks for sharing this! Daniel

Akeith Walters said...

Well written.

zonedin said...

Thank you! I learned something new;~) It's an interesting poem and all I could hear in my head was this song..

saraht said...

At first reading, this reminded me of Kieth Waldrop's fragment poetry, but now I see a little story in there too. I love it!

juniper said...

oh wow.
i love this.
this is just

this makes me feel tingly,
and just happy allround. <3

rivercat said...

thnx daniel and akeith, it was time for omething a little different and I really appreciate th comments :)
hi zoned, thnx, i like some doobie bros. song, that one seems like it could really stick in ones head and has an interesting cajun charm to it. the name doobie bros is cool too :)
hi saraht, i lookd up that poet and read about
his collage method. from his biography i can tell he has a lot of thought backing his work and seems like a really nice guy too. thank you so much for introducing him to me:)
hi juniper , i see youve been inspired to write and as always the poems are wonderful and brilliantly composed. I had to spurt one out after reading them myself but i dont thik its really that cohesive, but it did make me write something and I wasnt in a writing mood before that so thanks :))