Friday, April 22, 2011

Named By The Sky

We are alive
And the trees lift their
golden arms and the clouds
flower into gothic messengers
of reawakening

And as startled -
as delighted by the
morning bird's song

In us contained
the truth, and a chance
opaque, wild,  inescapable

as we drag the sea through
and believe in silence.



Peachyyy said...

where the Love button on your blog? :D
I loveee the poem!

erin said...

a forward progression,
into hope?
it seems,
or at least,
a dream.


roseanna2u said...

I like this, it's very romantic. <3

rivercat said...

hi peachyyy, thnx so much. I put back the rhyme at the end though, i hope iis still ok! :)
hi erin, thnk. i think this is a hail mary of hope, yes either that or the ultimate denial of relity, im not sure yet!. i really love the poems on youre blog! thanks for visiting:)
hi roseanna2u, thnx for the nice comment. i did change it a little again :)

rivercat said...

sorry for changing this. I dont remember the original poem anymore :(

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Did you change anything?
It doesn't really matter.
It speaks of love and written from the heart.
You are a timeless romantic. :)

rivercat said...

Hi PBB, Thanks for the nice comment. I have never gone online and written a poem and changed it more than this one. Yes, at least its still romantic I guess. I have to confess it was really fun to write this but I apologize to the first people to comment because it is truly a totally different poem.

zonedin said...

I guess I missed the evolution of this's a bummer because I like to see the transformation and you know I usually have something to say. However, I love how it turned out. It's bubbly and fun...though there are no bubbles. But there is flying, dancing, dreaming, holding, and Love. All precious to me:~)

rivercat said...

thnx zoned,i think i did change it a little still :)

zonedin said...

yes, it seem you changed it a lot. but the message comes through simplified. It's more subdued now...less bubbly, less dreamy and I wonder if you can help me with your interpretation of dragging the sea through?

rivercat said...

that is about a bunch of things. first how we form our personal idea of what being alive means and how much of that weve appropriated and about searching and thinking about life to if you havent really come to any conclusions yet. Its also about feeling caught as if on a fishing line and dragged through the water wondering if you'll be reeled in or not.That is totally different and about if you fall in love with someone and you dont know if they love you... But now I also see it as "see through" as in daily living needs and other responsibilities and how we try to integrate them into the whole.
and its also about whatever anyone wants it to be i guess :)

Brittany said...

This is absolute perfection..
Disappearing is serenity.

Anonymous said...

they said it all :)
i just love this a lot :)

zonedin said...

Thank you for the explaination and I did consider that "see through" for moment. For me the sea is like a birthplace or home, so I was thinking of how we try to carry this "home" with us through daily life. We can feel it best when we are silient and it brings us peace, comfort and rest. But I could be thinking too much. The rest of what you said just has me all dizzy..I don't know. Hope you have a happy Easter Sunday!:~)

rivercat said...

hi brittany and haze, thanks for the nice comments :)

zoned, that is a nice interpretation and fits perfectly. thnx . The rest of the poem is how life means new challenges and things to inspire us