Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Thank you. !

I thought I would pick one, ( or two, I might add another), of my favorite poems from last year
and post them here ( where they might be seen), for my new friends and followers of my blog.

...And it's sad that how much knowledge we have makes such a difference in how we think.

Here's always there so why believe anything? So what if I don't believe in anything I can still believe in believing in something that I don't believe in. I hadn't been myself and then I felt what I believe, believing in what I didn't believe in, but now wasn't always behind me, and all that time, had I believed what I didn't believe in,  I might have laughed, and had I died first and could choose again, I might rather die believing in something that never happened, that I didn't believe in, than being sure that nothing would happen at all

( re-post)

How Much Is It Worth

How much is it worth ?
not counting money

If I think I can talk
like a friend to you
and laugh cry or smile
for us
and you

but then it's only me
trying hard in this way
to say

to listen to you
as if I knew
you could really love me.

    - End of Reposted Poem-

We are surrounded by extra-nuclear forces ...

 and things are   NEVER   as  they    s e e m !

She is everything
but how much is that worth?
I stare
into her magnificent eyes
I am bling
just staring
as she burns through my lenses
so strong is her heat

I feel her breathing back

The penetration lights
infernos inside me
as she brands me
with the iron of her
inexplicably delicious

and as a bridge worker            working  out   at   the   end   of   the   beam
to a  b u i l d i n g

 in the stink of a thigh
flies my stink

and under a Freudian Slip
died my quip

...in the blink of an eye


*I'm tempted to add something but decide not to.
* title changed 5 hours after publishing

1.Original title was: 'In the Stink of a Thigh'
2."under a Freudian Slip ", "in the blink of an eye" &
    "in the think of a why" were added 2 days after posting
     in an attempt to make sense of a  "cleaned up" & "revised " version
     of the original poem which ended in a coital double orgasm..
3."dies my quip" replaced the original ending line: " flies my stink"
4. Some other rhyme replaced  idioms for
    "in the blink of an eye":
5. numerous other changes were made on the 3rd day when she rose.
in the pink of a sky

in the drink of a rye
in the wink of a bi
in the kink of a tie
in the shrink of a high
in the dink of a guy
in the ink of a dye
in the mink of a pie
in the think of a why

Added approx: 3:47 PM April 6, 2011 - and changed numerous times thereafter...
 In the two days following the original post, I lost a couple of followers because of the 'vulgarity' in this post. I won't be changing my words in the future due to the potential damage from some perceived vulgarity or crudeness. That said, most of my posts will be PG with an occasional

  Thank you for bearing with me during this expression of sensuality. 


Anna Sergi said...

Sexually interesting.

roseanna2u said...

PG-13 for sure. I really love this. A perfect read before Bio class. <3

Anonymous said...


juniper said...

i lovelovelove this. the rhetoric in italic just makes it seem whispered and the bold really does feel like a brand and then having that one sentence hanging out LIKE A BEAM! my mind is blown.

and, i don't really know what to rate it. it's explicit, in a way, but it's also not because of the phrasing that you've used. :S


rivercat said...

Anna thnx, I just wonder if I'll lose any followers over it or if I should use the adult rating option now :)
roseanna2u , sorry again for deleting you in the other post. I thought BIO courses were fun
haze, thanks for the smile :)
juniper, it is hard to know how to rate this, so I appreciate your feedback to help figure out whether or not to engage the adult rating system option. I am leaning towards leaving it off.
Your blog seems to have taken over my mind so I apologize for stealing your style a little here and there. Please think of it just as a tribute to how much I respect and am inspired by your writing <3

saraht said...

I love playing with idioms. I hope I'm not 'premature' this time. :p I wonder, will my comment disppear in 'the blink of an eye' again? xo

rivercat said...

oh my, ive already lost 3 followers...

rivercat said...

hi sarah, sorry about deleting you yesterday.
there is no limit to wordplay but our imaginations, except the limit due to somnolance or bouts of mild depression and writers block and not having enoughtime to write because there are a trillion other things to do. I appreciate all your nice comments, thnx <3

Nicole✗✗ said...

Whoa, I'm loving this my dear!

juniper said...

rivercat: i'm not offended or anything at all so no apologies needed. i honestly don't mind at all; it's word-stealing that happens a lot to me that i get ticked off about. i've had to move around from three different sites, so i'm a little paranoid. and i'm glad you're leaving it off; it should be shared with everyone.

rivercat said...

word thieves are a growing problem online :))

seriously it brings up the ole problem of perception vs. reality which then becomes
a probability issue. What it reminds me of is a girlfriend i had when i was a 17 yr old disaster
area. i thought she was cheating with every person i knew including my Dad and 3 brothers( one was true)she was very attractive and free spirited and i was a tall, gawkish insecure moron . The weird thing was that i think about half the time sadly i was proven right! my heart kept bing shattered as some of my imaginary suspects were revealed as sexual partners but still it was imossible to know which i imagined and which were real because there was a little of both going on ( meaning my mind was in a constant chaos).. Im sorry to hear that there is a lot of that happening online and that you had to change sites. If you notice me doing it it's purely subconcious and not on purpose. :)

rivercat said...

hi nicole, glad you werent offended :)
we all have different things that are turn offs or taboos.
for me anything goes except being mean spirited or trying to puposely hurt someones feelings