Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Pet

Traveling at
light speed
without direction
the product of a creation
that bedazzles and befuddles
that gives birds 
branches to sing on
and gave me the ability to pretend
it's OK living without you

that lets me tell you
I love you more now
than forever
now more than
ever before

I beg
to be drawn back
into your mysterious
to ride on the center
between gravity.

    an incomplete disaster



Alcina said...

Can you explain this..i am totally left questioning after reading this.

roseanna2u said...

This is so beautiful. Is this girl an artist? I'm taking a figure drawing class next term :) Thanks for answering my emails <3

Anonymous said...


I beg
to be drawn back
into your mysterious

and this is the part that i die :))

saraht said...

Such a unique fragrance to this. Wonderful.

Nicole✗✗ said...

My heart just drops reading this. It is so beautiful!! ; )

juniper said...

and an incomplete disaster is the worst way to be. forever breaking apart, with no end. that's the problem, isn't it? when you give a part of yourself away; you can't even break properly, anymore.

if i had anymore tears, i'd probably cry. x

Simran said...

This is really a mystery to me..!

Linda said...

Love -- indeed always an incomplete disaster because we can never be "one" for long, but such is fate. Alluring and seductive.

rivercat said...

Alcina, hi, the first part is about traveling at slow speed with no direction and how amazing the universe and our world are. Then it gets more personal about how we can think anything we want, being in love, and seeking equilibrium when insecurities bring us to one side.
I will go in to the last line in another comment :)
roseanna2u , yes, definitely :)
haze, I always feel happy when you comment :)
saraht, thanks, I was wondering if you have a blog so I could follow you.
Nicole✗✗, thanks, I was wondering if you study film in college. I took a few courses in film that were really interesting.
juniper, hi, your blog is incredible. I am going to make a link so peopele can easily visit.

Juniper's Blog - inkstained skin: -please visit!

Simran , see above comment to alcina, this is a love letter to the universe and to an artist I admire :)

Linda, yes, this is the second of the two ideas for "love, an incomplete disaster" reading more as you pointed out "love is an incomplete disaster" I am glad you came and commented. The first, what juniper commented on feeling incomplete without the other person around and damaged beyond even a normal disaster is more along the lines of "love, from the incomplete disaster himself" The 3rd meaning would be that love is always somewhat of a disaster but worth it :))

When I have time I go a visit other blogs. From what I see Im really happy about the people that comment here. I know sometimes we are all too busy to comment, but I seem to be learning from these comments you so kindly post. Thank you all <3

PS, if i said anything that was unclear or didnt make sense let me know and I'll try to explain better :D

Anna Sergi said...

I am listening to 'hide and seek' by imogen heap and decided to sink in your poetry a bit...
It's incredible how you get to express the awareness you feel. I get it so deeply.

An incomplete disaster seems a perfect way to say it.

Freddi Kelly Marsh said...

I am melting for your words and your truth.

Freddi Kelly Marsh said...

thank you a lot for your comment ♥

Anonymous said...

so 'light' speed in your world is slow speed eh?
ha your a comedian not a poet ;)

zonedin said...

I noticed that light speed/slow speed thing too...and I think an incomplete disaster means its not over yet and looking forward to the final explosion which could result in blending atoms so we are physically one again;~)

Alcina said...

Wow..Now i can feel it to the very bit :))..and i got it whole now :)
Thanks a ton

rivercat said...

Anna, thanks so much <3 she ( imogen heap) is really cool. I like her music and especially her electrifying voice. :))
Freddi Kelly Marsh , thanks <3
Anonymous, since the faster you go the more you slow down relative to what you speed from, why not just slow down and conserve the energy by lightening up your speed instead? :P
zonedin, that is a beautiful thought <3

dead-girl said...

i love this and the comments helped me understand it more tyvm

i like your way of writing it flows and gets in my head and my heart

rivercat said...

<3<3 dead-girl <3 <3
thanks ----'--,--(@
that is a long stem rose with two thorns for you
representing my head an heart that you get to me with in your poems and art :)

juniper said...

rivercat, thank you so much! not as wonderful and amazing as you, though. <3

Siddhartha Joshi said...

'an incomplete disaster' least one line was clearly understood without reading the piece again :) And so true as well...