Monday, April 4, 2011

The Moon Shines From The Inside

The Moon Shines From The Inside

those in whom love grows

Her voice
now ever strong
casts past the dark shadows 
with awakening sounds
that ring out loud
from the deep of her body

In a time gone by
the river moon
 that swims so peacefully now
was besieged and battered
and swam frantically
 left scarred in a
hypnotic introspection
with the sea

But now sings
a rhapsodic harmony
of the mesmeric glow
that shines from
 within her

She beams through the darkness
to rekindle in others
 the flames
of eternal



rivercat said...

feel free to post your comments again :))

The Dreamer said...

I feel very free to comment.

:) I like the way you spaced this out,
easy to read, and it seems to flow down, like the beams of the moon.

roseanna2u said...

wtf? Why did you delete my comment??

zonedin said...

It's a beautiful molecular love story. I love how the hearts grow by the light of the moon☙❧❦❤

rivercat said...

roseanna, this is a new post, i
messed up the first one and decided to delete the whole post comments and all .your comment was fine, but i didnt know how to move it here, sorry <3
hi dreamer, i wish i thought of that.thnx <3
hi zoned, thats very nice of you to say. <3

juniper said...

do i need to express my love for this in words? i think not. x

roseanna2u said...

Awwww RC,that's OK, I usually don't make such great comments anyway. :) This has such a great message. My AH professor is clueless and totally self-absorbed and I hope she doesn't read this:D

Anna Sergi said...

yep, nothing more to say apart from the fact that this nocturne touches my heart as usual.

Anonymous said...

darling, you know how i feel about the moon :) and do i need to elaborate more how beautiful this is? though i'm not so sure if i already commented on the old one. tsk. have a lovely day, dove.

rivercat said...

you guys are too nice . i have to admit i struggled 2 hours wrestling this poem like an alligator so i consider it damaged goods but still i pulled a rabbit out of a hat al thigs considered. i dont know how to write and my vocab is paltry and did i mention im an idiot?? but still at least for now i still try. i hope i dont drop off the grid in a massive writers depression anytime soon.. you all inspire me <3

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

The flowing style makes for the lovely rhythm of the poem. Moon and love are exceptional awesome subjects and I believe you gave justice to their muse.
Cheers river!

rivercat said...

Thanks PBB, this was also about a person I know who overcame a domestic violence problem with her ex husband and now she works for the FCADV.
we got too close a few times but never let anything get out of control,even though we liked each other. I helped her out financially and she never took advantage of my ability to help her out even though she was close to homeless and had a kid. Thanks for commenting <3

Nicole✗✗ said...

such a gorgeous story! very beautiful!