Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Thousand

We had
a thousand scars for every one he had
 taken a thousand more pills
and resurrected ourselves a thousand more times

Waking  last  night  thinking
about     l i f e    wondering
questioning  if  it's  all - right  
to love somebody this much 
the dangers
of being this
                   high and  the
                   mistakes you
 can make.   Like  asking
 to  be  stabbed  to death
 because  you  like  r e d .




Vicki said...

Wow. Beautiful.

rivercat said...

i can't decide if it should be "he" or "they" in the second line. One meaning might be more controversial.

roseanna2u said...

I love this. <3

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

They seems to be more in harmony with the words and meaning.
Well done as it is!

dead-girl said...

i like this, the ending was great!

rivercat said...

thnx Vicki & Roseanna <3
PBB, thank you so much for that feedback. I know you know what Im talking about - youre right- i needed to hear that- that helped! <3
Dead. that is nice comment, i was a little worried the end was unclear but i think ill leave it ... thnx <3

im all hearts tonight... i hope everyones having
a good weekend :)

Peachyyy said...

This is so relatable..
I'm in awe.

juniper said...

Oh goodness, i wake up with this on my dashboard and am made ridiculously happy! I adore this and i think you should go with he on the second line because what's life without a little controversy? Plus just cos you dont write it doesn't mean it doesn't happen...

(also typo in the first line.)

rivercat said...

hi juniper.:) it being easter i was not wan
ting to be insulting. i wonder if it can just be tasken as the drama it is by people of strong faith, using he. this is a tough one i may go back and forth on. of course i value your feedback as well and think your right too now!
this is exactly why i have such a hard time <3

Whatever said...

One thousand sleepless nights I wrote one thousand words One thousand times but none of them were right, like maybe this is. :)

saraht said...

As a Christian I find this anything but offensive. Besides being absolutely stunning (especially that first stanza), its a beautiful reminder of the perfection in only God's love.
Aparpos and exquisite. This is my favorite. xo

Linda said...

I didn't know it is Easter. That must be why so many people are downtown eating out today.

Anyway, I'm not a Christian and perhaps that is why I didn't see any relation to god here.
Regardless, this is beautiful and one of my favorites RC.
Happy Easter?

The Dreamer said...

Very pretty. Nice to see you're experimenting with formatting.

zonedin said...

It's essential we love each other this much...How else can we build a better world?

rivercat said...

hi Peachyyy, thanks for stopping by :)
hi Whatever, I like that. Some things feel so much more right than others :)
saraht, wow, that is one of the nicest things Ive heard because I didnt want what I wrote to
be misundertood and have someone feel insulted.
Thanks :)
Linda, happy easter to you too. I dont think its till next weekend but im not sure. thnx for the nice words. Im glad you survived the tornadoes. I heard there were a lot of people who got hammered recently by storms.
Hi Dreamer, yes, I think its interesting and all new to me. Your site has rubbed off onto me a little in a good way I think.
HI zonedin, I think youre right but if it was true the world wouldnt be as messed up as it is.
In the "real" world, the concern is growth, energy, money and power...and anyone not producing is an unnecessary burden if they can't be manipulated to some end by the people who think that way, and although communal and romantic love are different, they are both the same in that they are as fluid as we are, and I think its like that no matter who you are. Having a brain is a big responsibility and actualizing some concept of the higher self probably as unnattainable as it is important to try to keep moving towards it. Religions seem to often shortcut to that but in doing so the process, the learning along the way is lost, and that is the growth of the self and can seem less mystical to an analytical mind and the whole thing seems less fragile and more grounded by a personal reality. I have no idea really what I just said but it was fun writing it!

zonedin said...

Bravo! I was totally enthralled! I don't know either but I think it's about keep working towards the focus on loving each other beyond ourselves and material things, beyond just the thought of it but actually living it. It's a hard goal, but would be worth it.

Nicole✗✗ said...

Very beautiful!! I really enjoyed this! : )

Anna Sergi said...

This is genius. I think I got brilliantly shaken by the idea of liking red. I understand, I like 'that' red too and because of that I always ask to be stabbed and when i do get stabbed I realize that all I want is to have another chance of living. But then again,all my resurrections and all my scars cannot left unseen forever. <3

Mila said...

Wow,really beautuful!

rivercat said...

hi zoned, thnx yes I think thats true <3
hi nicole, you shuolud at least see the first bourne identity and the 2nd is OK as far as action movies go. I didnt like the 3rd one so much.nice to see you back :)
Hi Anna, thnx, and thanks for commenting on that.
Yes death being the death of the relationship and being aware they can fall apart slowly 'all at once' without taking any too.
thnx Mila :)

Arian Tejano said...

I am hearing some wisdom of Rilke from this piece. And I can only agree.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Happy Easter :)

margg. said...

ths is amazing.

rivercat said...

hi Arian, thanks for the nice comment :)
hi amstothers, Happy Easter to you too :)
hi margg., thnx, nice to see you. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm blown away... :)