Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life Is An Infinity Of Change


As day spins into night
the sun burning hot recedes from view
and dusk captures the imagination.

                                                 Life is an infinity of change...



juniper said...

it is.
it really is.

again, perfection.

juniper said...

and it looks like someone's muse is back? ;)

how to oil paint said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Arian Tejano said...

And at night, a lovely shower of all things never possible during the day.

This piece made me smile. I can tell you are having a good weekend there :)

saraht said...

To me this hints at divine nature and the beauty and clarity of existence in time and space. The simplicity of your wording is deceptive, because it is actually very complex, and this is why I sit here in astonishment. You amaze me. xo

Simran said...

Within few words ,you explained very much:)

MissAnnnn said...

Hey! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you are lovely and wise.
I like your blog a lot, and you can always post about your blog in my comment box!
I hope you are having a splendid weekend!


roseanna2u said...

I really love this. The title really makes me think, but I like the part about the imagination the most. <3

Anon. said...

"The only thing constant is change"


Anonymous said...

On th link on my blog, I put a "she" instead of a "he". I hope you weren't offended.
I changed it :)
All my love.


ninotaziz said...

Dear Rivercat,

I came over from Arian's. And your mess is too lovely for words...

Shadow said...

change is to be welcomed. says i who totally goes against the grain when it comes to change, but i know it is the truth!

zonedin said...

So true! and it seems that our challenge here is to accept the changes with an ever tranquil heart and a wonder of the new day to come. Because its going to happen with or without our approval.

I took a walk last night as the sun was setting in Virginia. The sun was so big and red, the sky painted with magenta clouds! Made all my problems seem insignificant. I was glad I stepped out to enjoy it. I didn't want it to go away. i cursed my pathetic little phone camera for the inability to capture the full beauty of this moment in time. I had to just put it away and soak it all in with every deep lasting breath. The night provided me reflection and rest... Now the new dawn has arrived and the birds greet it with song. I am choosing to greet it with eager anticipation and wonder, but there's a slight hint of dread. I can feel it keeping me in bed. I have a silver penny that reminds me of a friend, I never want sweet memories to end.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Hie Rivercat!
I'm returning your visit
That's what a true kitty will do
Friendship in blogosphere is it
A mere "hallo" will do


Kristin H said...

An infinity indeed! Have a great Monday!

rivercat said...

juniper , thanks , yours too :)
how to oil paint , thnx daniel, your paintings are amazing :)

Arian Tejano amen arian :))

saraht,thnx for the praise. Im not sure im worthy but I appreciate it :)
Simran thanks simran, you are a sweetheart :)
MissAnnnn thnx, i will do that :)

tywo thats very nice of you twyo, thnks :)

roseanna2u imagination is the key to most everything i think thnx :)
Anon. nice to see you again anon, thnx for the quote :)
tywo, not offended more like honored thnx <3
ninotaziz you have a lovely site, thnks for visiting :)
Shadow shadow, you such a beauty ,bless you! :)
zonedin thnx that was a such a lovely comment it felt like a poem itself <3
Cat-from-Sydney I am a crazy cat man for sure Angelina :)

Kristin H thnx, you have a lovely week too!

Anna Sergi said...

It feels like a sunday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

change is something that i really wish to change :)

Trickie said...

Yes. Short. Sweet. True.

rivercat said...

Hi Anna, I guess it was like a weekend winding down as well as winding down, and getting to sleep and dreams. :)
hello haze, im not sure if you can change change, except maybe to a different kind of change, i really dont know :)
Trickie, thnx. Im always glad to see you drop by :)

Alcina said...

So very true rivercat..indeed it is infinite and so many to keep track of by counting..

Eva said...

All of life is ever changing. I hope it never stays the same.

rivercat said...

Thanks Alcina and Eva, I agree with you both :)