Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Closeted Dream

The storm 
arose in his mind.
A cloud spoke

'it's your turn to die!'

the rain wept
while the sun hid
in the honey of space.



The Dreamer said...

The sun always comes out after the storm and the storm never lasts forever. :)

Anna Sergi said...

My constant status.

rivercat said...

Thank you my online friends. Today is a weird day for me, but it makes me feel better to see you both up there. :)

Nicole✗✗ said...

Oh man, I know the feeling...

RIW said...

Great poem. I really like the image along with the poem. Good job!

Linda said...

Ironic insignificance.
I like the picture a lot!

haze said...

i'v always felt this way,
but i know it's not like this today :) and i do hope this isn't your state of mind right now♥

have a lovely day, dove :))

zonedin said...

It's sad when we tuck a way a beautiful dream because we decide it'll never happen anyway. We tell ourselves "nothing will ever change."

Like when you find this really beautiful dress on sale and it's so special you need a special place to wear it, but it was on sale incredibly cheap, so you buy it thinking that maybe someday you'll have a perfect occasion. Years go by and that opportunity never comes and it just hangs there behind the worn out work blouses, gathering dust upon the sleeves. One day getting ready for work you see a glimmer of it peeking out and you think "I'll probably get to wear that to my funeral, because nothing is ever going to change."

juniper said...

this, to me, speaks of the death of dreams. i don't know if it's jsut me but, in conjunction with the title, i think it speaks about unfulfilled and then thrown away dreams. the last three lines cement this so much for me; hopes and dreams and ambitions never really disappear and they're always there. the only one who can get rid of the rain is you. hold up your sparkly umbrella and be proud of all thsoe glittering suns in your mind simply because they're YOURS. no one else has the right to judge or to take that away from you. and a lot of things can happen, a lot of things can change in the eye of a storm; so take that chance. x

dead-girl said...

it's good and i like the image of the storm and cloud speaking in your mind also love the pic they go together poem and pic.

Francesca said...

beautiful poem! x

rivercat said...

The Dreamer Hi again dreamer.on the most basic level this is about closing down a dream and letting it go. I think just having a dream can be a value but realizing time ( being something)or conditions (being with someone) has shelved a dream is somewhat painful even though the dream itself lives on painfully unfulfilled i sometimes wonder if the dream would be that great anyhow if it had been realized. :)
Anna , hi,and thanks for commenting. I did an MA exhibit called the insignificance of self importance and that a maquette ( rough sketch)of part of the installation. I walked out of the program because I didnt want to be a teacher because that was never one of my dreams, to teach art.

Nicole✗✗ thanks for commenting. I think we all feel that sun shining somewhere else at times. I know I do and like dreamer said, the clouds do usually move on slowly :)

RIW thanks and welcome. I like your blog :)
Linda, yes, there is a lot of irony there :)
haze thnx , we all have our ups and downs so much so that they make ups and downs to take as pills to counteract them :D
zonedin it is sad but maybe it isnt as beautiful as we imagine. the funny thing is we never know for sure if something wont change, but the fact is that sometimes it doesnt.
I love the dress story. Ive dont a lot of things like that when I get ahead of myself. Some of those things will be found by the person who cleans my mess up when I die i guess unless I really clean up before i die!! Thanks zone, that was really a good comment <3
juniper thanks and your positive attitude is appreciated. This is about closeting dreams and how we make that decision but also about the duality of them living on and being glad we had them in the first place and having the realization that time or coditions killed them to this reality. There are always new dreams though, and dream alterations so they can slip back from the cosmos into the mind again and be realized once in awhile too :)
Of course its also about feeling hidden away from happiness and how we do that to ourselves in our own mind. Luckily I do have a hint of peace even in my misery lately. Perhaps Im just preparing for the end times in 2012 :)))
dead-girl ,thanks for commenting, i always am gald to see you around here :)

Francesca , thanks for the nice comment, Im glad that you stopped in :)

On a personal level, this was about finding someone that I thought I could create a fun life together or at least try to with and then finding out she liked someone else too. Im pretty liberal and open minded but never had truly been involved with bisexuality in relationships before, but I realized I am a not a swinger type of person, and am a one at a time woman man...although I respect that some people can have alternative relationships that are different than what I think of as a relationship. It is painful to let that dream go.

Alcina said...

Excellent..effective use of words..

P.S.-I am a girl and in your last comment on my blog you made me a guy :P .. I was just presenting a guy's point of view and nothing else :P

roseanna2u said...

Really love this. I think it's true that we can't tell what would have happened if a dream did come true. Maybe it would have been a nightmare instead! <3

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Dear Rivercat,
Because it's your dream, you should never let anyone or anything take it away from you.
Albeit sometimes, something gets in the way, and unwittingly, we allow our dreams to die. Lovely poem.

Heather said...

I really enjoy this picture. I keep coming back to look at it and to read your haunting words and each time I see and I feel something different.
Currently I'm infatuated with many areas of sociology, particularly the sociology of intoxication, and of religion, in so far as they are incredibly similar. Mostly I love unpicking the many social categories and barriers, unlabeling the labeled - gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age, illness. All mean so much, yet so little.

tywo said...

Such perfection in the words use. You are brilliant, and your words are wonderful.


rivercat said...

Alcina, ha ha, yes, after you made yourself a guy, sorry I did too :))
roseanna2u, dreams can turn into nightmares, but not often enough to stop you from dreaming, but with my luck... :)

PBB, thnx,I agree we should hold on tight to our dreams :)
Heather good points you make. cultural studies are very interesting and soc doesnt get as far removed from reality and theoretical and convoluted as postmodern philosophy does with similar concerns. I have a feeling you will do really well in that field :)
tywo, your are so sweet. I love your blog because it makes me feel lighter and any uncomfortable feeling seem to fall away as I open the page :)

roseanna2u said...

I'm not giving up on my dream to be a teacher, even if my mind turns to jello from having to write all these stupid papers they keep demanding :p

rivercat said...

roseanna, i hated research papers with a passion but the few creative ones I had to do wer fun. What got to me was going to college libraries and selecting sources.Never again thank god thats over...sorry :))

Rizzabelle Blue said...

I love this one, nice use of words. (:

rivercat said...

Thnx for visiting and the nice comment Rizzabelle Blue :)