Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Going To Be A Huge Kiss

                     The Queen looks wonderful...and the bride so happy!

as may you have life in the world to come, everlasting..I see elton john but no mick yet.
6:27 AM ( Eastern Time US) nice prayer...what is the"evil" that builds compelled to be released?
Getting rid of it seems at first logical, but it's better to hold it in ... it will dissipate
( but what if the evil does some good? eeeks ...still it's better to hold it in ...if you can!)
7:15 AM  It's nice that the weather held up.The guard horses are doing a great job. The dry ground providing for extra bounce. The bride is still smiling, and they're arriving now at Buckingham Palace,
the flower girls seen on the three giant screens. This does make you think about getting married.
It can't be helped... well done London!
as the world waits for a kiss
7:50 The crowd is marching towards the Palace waving Union Jacks. I think this may be a sign to invest in the market. It's orderly because they know what's coming. I can't help but think of a particular first kiss, but as exciting as it was, it pales in comparison to what's coming...( I have to admit I'm also thinking about kissing you! That would be bigger than this..but I am excited enough . I must try not to think of such things right now)

It's going to be a HUGE KISS though!

The second kiss was pretty good, better than the first and good enough to seal the deal.
Very nice! It seems the Queen has had enough and wants her drink now.
The bride gave a wonderful last glance, over her shoulder to the crowd as she walked inside and now I see people are walking in the fountain. All in all a great show. It's time to go shopping , bye!

As lovely as
the Trust I Believe in

You were not
1   Any of the various North American vultures
2   A pleonectic person
3   really You  in your Angel Skin coat

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Anonymous said...

"hey, whats up? naked"

haha... you make me laugh, dear! :D

rivercat said...

the wedding is wonderful. It's a toss up between the children ( flower girls), the angelic choir, and the smiling faces.

at the same time my heart is with the people in Alabama. It's a weird feeling ...the two together.

zonedin said...

I didn't see any of the wedding and I may not because i don't turn on the tv, but maybe I'd like to hear that choir sing. I feel like I watched it reading this. Thank you!;~)

rivercat said...

i dont watch alot of tv but i did enjoy watching the royal wedding. I have to go to a bunch of weddings soon so i want to be in the mood...and yes, the choir was the best ive ever heard so it really gave me the chills along with the faces on the little fower girls :)

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

:) you're sweet and funny.

Anna Sergi said...

oh yes, London has been amazing :)

rivercat said...

aww...thnx PBB, you are a sweetheart :)
hi anna, im sure the place was in an especially great must have been fun to really be there. It seems those two lovebirds are for real, and why not have a big party about it :)

Borderline Lil said...

you're lovely