Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Radiation: warmth and light

With wonder I look in your eyes
How you radiate from within
so beautifully
and how I feel your softness
warmth and light
deep inside
the darkest parts of me



Anonymous said...

How I wish to be in love again. Love is so beautiful. Your words are beautiful.


zonedin said...

Like a quantum of Love!❥

revoltra said...

Beautifully put. Simple, but true

Whatever said...

sometimes the light is so blinding I have to close my eyes to see anything at all. Sometimes the softness is so sharp it makes me bleed feathers from the goosebumps underneath my skin.

saraht said...

I'm guessing this is about a person, but it reminded me of looking into my new kitten's eyes so much! This is lovely. xo

rivercat said...

hi tywo, thnx, you are a wonderful inspiration <3
hi zoned, beautiful way to put it <3
hi revoltra, thank you, your site is very open hearted and wonderful thnx <3
hi Whatever, I reed that over and over, such a nice comment, thank you <3
hi saraht, I think you know how much I love cats, and kittens are almost too much! thnx <3

the feeling lioness said...

warm and pretty