Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Love Is

My soul dances in the morning air

What is love
but that you bring my heart
a million smiles



I need a real vacation, somewhere close by.
I'm going to watch the sunset on the water
for a few days.


roseanna2u said...

I love this, and I the picture is really sweet too. <3

juniper said...

Lovelyy. <3

Anonymous said...

hi juniper <3, thnx, i was wondering if i should put a question mark at the end?
it seems like it wants one but it is kind of answering itself too and seems like it doesnt too
Still technically i think it should ? but aesthetically (wordwise) i dont think so... any thougts on this appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, such a beautiful definition of love!
Enjoy the sunset by the sea, it's the best one....

Kaleidoscope Girl said...

Thanks for your concern. :)
I don't know the answer to that question. Who am I to say what is love when I do not believe in truth?

mhairi! said...

You're always the first - how could I repay your kindness. My words are nothing to your captivation and spirit.

'A million smiles' could there be something else so beautiful on this day?

Thank you, truly X

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

"My soul dances in the morning air"
That pretty much sums it up River. Nice. ♥

zonedin said...

Gotta love that smile:~D Enjoy the sunsets and focus on the shimmer.

Old Raven said...

You have a way with words that others can immediately relate to.