Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swimming the curves of our heart

beneath the breath
shifting gold blood white
into the mud and sea
slow swimming the curves
of our heart

is the air briefly held
holding treasure gone
and won this evening steam
passing through us
lost as a river in the sea



Anonymous said...

how are you, rivercat? it's been a while.
your words are still beautiful.

mhairi! said...

I feel like I've been waiting to read this. So much so that I feel more whole in having read it now.

Such beautiful images, tragic and leaving us cathartic.

I really appreciated your comment, thank you so :)

It is very interesting to see how you define the ideas of fantasy, with regards to acceptance. I do indeed ponder the ideas of acceptance before understanding. But more often than not it is hard to find the majority empathetic with a situation, event or idea that they cannot fully grasp the concept of. Maybe it just depends on who your audience is. Can we ever have a theory that explains everything without exclusion, discriminatory element or misconstrue signals? Perhaps it is out of love and hatred that we shall never find out.

It is so wonderful to hear from you X

Peachyyy said...

Finally a post after so long! I was waiting for your poem! and this one was worth the wait. Beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

A curvy poem that makes me feel as transported by the waves to a distant shore.
I was waiting for new lines.....Thank you!

roseanna2u said...

You just can't imagine how happy I am to hear these words. :) I'm taking a poetry course over the summer, Im so excited! <3

Whatever said...

Beautiful! Good to see you back.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Lost as a river in the sea: to become one again.
Love it River. Your poetry was missed. Truly.

Anna Sergi said...

swimming...or simply driving acccording to the curves?

Arian Tejano said...

Please read Rainer Maria Rilke's poem "Loneliness". Your piece reminds of that poem. Very poignant!

rivercat said...

thanks haze, im slowly recovering and getting back into the swing of things :)
mhairi, thanks for the wonderful comments. there is no question that reading it made me feel better.commnication seems to find a way of happening in its own time and terms. I try to b patient and hope for the best, and thats with myself and not always so easy. even communicating with myself I think I need time, so, for exampe, I 'm not even sure exactly what
this means, maybe more than I can understand right now. I like the idea of discovery within the context of the, what might it be, 25% - 40% chance of some kind of new understanding given the varied meanings in words and word placement.
Some might think that all chance and the debris from an imperfect language, but I think of it as a kind of potential for enlightenment :)
thanks peachyyy :)
Hi Marie, thanks :)
roseanna, thnx and have fun :)
hi Whatever, thnx, good to see you too :)
Hi PBB, thanks for the nice coment:)
hi Anna, driving to the curves does have a certain charm to it :)
thnx Arian for directing me to that poem by rilke. That was wonderful :)