Friday, May 20, 2011

Passing cars drink the earth

and again
passing cars drink the earth
replaced in their passage
into air and water

the oleaginous spot in the ground
whose black is half gotten now
or more by now half gone harder to get

in plumes or in shivering dew
sinking back to the earth
in us all as we pass through

Whose wielded weight in numbness
we inherited
as tears you make
to feel your heart



Disclosure: as much as I dislike oil, I like old cars and the way they look.
I  lowered the compression of the engine in the 69 rs/ss convertible pictured above
so it gets good gas mileage. I dont drive it very often. I really like some of the muscle cars from the late 60's and early 70's, especially the way they looked. I guess I am slightly hypocritical in this poem because I keep this car and like it, as it uses oil and burns gas. But, even most electric cars pollute, in the secondary sense of how the electricity they run on was originally produced. 

The song is from a 60's band called "Spirit". The video is about the BP oil disaster in the gulf of mexico last year..


Linda said...

You know RC, it is a totally beautiful happening car and I'm glad you have it in this world gone bad. Part of me, being older and all, wants to say it doesn't really matter because it's too late. Enjoy it while you can. Thank god for youth! I think.

rivercat said...

hi linda, the most fun I had was in learning how to restore it. Only with the help of online communities about camaros was it was possible
to learn. I had parts all over the house for a year. Most of the people who own this car are pretty old too. I just always liked how it looked. Im not really into cars or car racing or nascar , just this car and the 70 'cuda.
I dont even like driving to be honest!

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

I like driving. It's the other drivers I don't like. ❤

roseanna2u said...

Nice poem, and I like that song. That's a nice car. My Dad loves his cars too. <3

Anna Sergi said...

love the idea of drinking the earth.

Keda said...

Good post, love the song and how it links to the poem.

zonedin said...

I don't think these things are bad in's the greed and glutony that create hell on Earth. Nice car! I'll have to find a picture of my 1968 Mustang.

The Blog Writer said...

You write beautifully. The car looks very pretty in the happy yellow. :)

rivercat said...

Hi PBB, Driving doesnt really excite me much but the moves some of the other drivers pull are worse than my worst, which can be bad if im looking for an address.:) What I truly dislike is the aggressive drivers of any kind.
Hi roseanna, yes, As i remember from your poem your dad had a big lincoln with a nice back seat :))
Hi Anna, its ok as long as your car gets decent mileage :)
Hi Keda, thank you. It is a cool song :)
Hi zoned, yes youre right. Please put a pic of of the mustang if you have one someday. Theres a real rivalry between ford guys and chevrolet guys. In reality, my favorite is a chrysler so im a third class citizen as far as cars go, but I just like the way some of them look anyway, and all of them made a few nice ones back then :)

Hi Blog Writer, the cars name is sunny, and it says thank you :)