Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On Absinthe Day

the street weaves its overture in cracks
as the sun sets like an apple with whiskers

on Absinthe Day 
the third week of June each year
a remarkably frail human being
at the drying facility at Boveresse
comes in
to contact with experience

at Boveresse now Val de Travers
I am now and will always be
in love with You forever.


*I'm gone for about two weeks . I will miss you all. <3

(not my wedding!)


Akeith Walters said...

Kool writing. Nice blend of the physical and spiritual, in a humanist sort of way.

saraht said...

Beautifully written. Have a nice time on your vacation. xo

Whatever said...

I don't know about Boveresse or theVal de Travers, but I've heard of absinthe. Hope you don't get a hangover! Nice haircut. :) Have a great trip.

rivercat said...

hi Akeith, thnx for the comment, your poetry is really great and intense, and very inspiring to me. :)
hi saraht, thnx so much. This trip is alot traveling time but sometimes you have to do that, but i am hoping its a fun trip anyway :)
hi Whatever, i never heard of the town before today, but needed backdrop of sorts for a the poem, so I searched "on absinthe day " kind of out of the blue because I liked the sound of it , and read about this town near france that used to be named something else but recently merged with a bunch of other towns and it has an absinthe brewery of some kind ( i think). I have yet to drink absinthe myself but wouldnt mind trying... maybe it would make for agood vacation spot some day. Wedding hangovers can get bad but I'll try to remember to drink some extra water as Ive read that helps( but always forget to do it). Thanks and thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You write so well.
Nice haircut! Have loads of fun. You'll be missed!


Anna Sergi said...

I will surely miss you! :)

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

OMG! Walking down the aisle.
Savour the moment River. I'll miss you.
Have fun and au revoir!

roseanna2u said...

Have fun, I will miss you! <3

zonedin said...

It's gonna take me a while to figure this one out, especially since everytime I get tot the computer, I get some kind of mandatory interruption. I just quickly wanted to say I hope you have a nice trip up there. It should be nice weather, but the mosquitoes are already breeding to watch that. Take a vitamin B-complex and good strong dose of IB Profin before you drink (but at the very least before you go to sleep after drinking) Then try to drink water in between the alchohol, but what works the best is lots of Pellegrino mineral water. I've got all my friends convinced now, so I don't mind acting like a know-it-all on this because there is nothing worse than a terrible hangover. Have Fun!:~)

Anonymous said...

hey rivercat, i deleted my other blogs and got a new one and a new account. formerly was dead-girl.

cya and have fun :)

Arian Tejano said...

Wowza! This made me smile. Self-effacing, but poignant. I love the promise at the end :)

May the event bloom in fresh flowers.

The Dreamer said...

Missing you already!

zonedin said...

Are you having fun yet? Did you find a turtle? How's your head? This poem is reminding me of my mother. She just had a stroke. I'll be back in Virginia soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss you!


margg. said...

this is really wonderful.

hope you're having fun.

rivercat said...

hi Whatever, I got a wicked hangover the day after the reception, I guess theres no cure for drinking that much and a second one a few days later that was pretty bad. I think I will really try to drink less the next time. I started with vodka but this was a real bourbon crowd so I had to switch over and I remember telling everyone how wonderful the bourbon tasted ( makers mark) and i hate bourbon!.
hi tywo, thnx for the sweet comments. It's good to be home.I like the water snake story and missed you too :) thnx anna, i missed you too and your blog :) hi PBB, I didnt look at the bride so I wouldnt cry. The minister read love letters they supposedly heard there for the first time. That was kind of interesting :) hi roseanna, thnx, I missed you too :) hi ima, i'll soon check out your new blog thnx :) thnx Arian,thanks for the nice comments. :) Hi theDreamer, I missed you :) hi zoned, thanks for the tips.Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier nothing worked and I had to suffer the consequences. The weather and teh bucolic river setting were perfect though, and the mosquitos didnt show up. I didnt find any turtles but did see a real big wild turkey in the woods. I feel like I have to recuperate for awhile. Im sorry to hear about your mom and hope for the best. hi again tywo ! hi margg., thanks :)

zonedin said...

You didn't do the B-complex and Pellegrino did you? I'm so sorry...I really hate that feeling. Now time for liver cleanse.I like to use milk thistle. You were lucky on the mosquitoes..keep an eye out for tics growing..I've found two on the horses so far. Those turkeys are funny! I've already found another turtle..with really bright yellow markings. I guess the road is an easier place to find them. Mom's hanging in there, but I'll be here for a while. Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Any news about A defector's mysterious disappearance?