Sunday, May 1, 2011

In Love With Rushing Water

As the sun drains
from the sky the
world dies and
my fingers fill
into the spaces
I've lived through

The physical stories
still breathing as
memories embedded
in the vivid settings
inside my heart

to after a spring rain
when a sister and brother
played by a flooded curb
in love with rushing water



Anonymous said...

i'm in love with rushing waters too. :)
very lovely.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with everything you write.


roseanna2u said...

I LOVE rushing water too! <3

Whatever said...

I remember those games, in yellow coats and gum boots. Leaves and Sticks make awesome boats.

rivercat said...

hi haze, thnx. it is truly fascinating, my cats love it too. :)
hi tywo,thank you, everything you write moves me too.This is one of my fondest memories :)
hi roseanna2u, thnx for the nice comment :)
hi whatever, wow, you got that right, like you were there too. i was worried I didnt put enough description in there so it really made me smile when I read your comment. thanks :)

Beyond said...

lovely memories... a beautiful bond

Anonymous said...

Lovely way to express these memories that link us to the most precous people of our lives and the most exciting moments when with a simple branch od a tree you can create another world.

Author said...

This is absolutely gorgeous.
It painted an image of a past memory in my head.
Your words live and breathe beauty.

Anonymous said...