Sunday, August 29, 2010

We are on an Island of Time

We are on an island of time
unable to escape our memories
for the forgetting sea

Shall I try to
erase what's done
and go forward?

Or sip the past
like aging wine
the sweeter it seems
as time goes by


Jesse said...

even though some memories are like a fine wine,
they're still wine.
they can't curb our hunger for life.

rivercat said...

Hi jesse, I agree with your comment. This is a poem of masked desperation.
It was nice to see your post because I enjoy visiting your blog and reading your posts.
I am a musician at heart, and focus on the electric guitar but i am not ready to electrify
quite yet as im still working on my pinky pick coordination. Im getting there slowly...I also like to sing but have problems with that and of course songwriting rules...
I like Empty Rooms a lot. I am assuming a lot here but if that is you I'd just like to say it
its a really nice song. I never played keys officially but my intro to song writing was 2 years of singing and playing my moms double keyboard with drums and strings and lots of buttons to play with etc singing into a boombox and recording it. I remember that as being my introduction to creative song writing ...just going till something happened to latch onto.

zonedin said...

We cannot erase time and barely erase a good red wine, so it's better to sip the memories and look forward to more wine:~) Add a little cheese, nuts, and pears and you'll be enjoying the moment.

rivercat said...

Some people REALLY get into wine as in SERIOUS wine talk. I have to put up with it sometimes but I wonder if some of it isnt just BS about the different flavors and tastes that change the values they put on bottles of wine...seems kind of crazy and perhpas a way to sell things at super high prices..i dont know. My oldest brother is looking into buying a small winery in NY now and has some degree in wine something or another. Hes a certified wine expert of some kind or another, but I dont know enough about it to tell you exactly what they call that, but he and his wife are really into it. My friend owns a wine storage place and wine bar that serves food too. He is an expert at wine as well and makes me feel really stupid about wine. I dont know much except about the grapes and a little about french and california wines...They both hate that I like ice in all my drinks including beer wine and milk. Maybe thats from living in florida... I also need to have snacks when i drink alcohol or im not really happy :)

I havent developed my palate and dont know if i can, but I dont mind going through the motions and having fun at a wine tastings, especially french red wines

zonedin said...

Wine actually makes me nauseous now. I prefer a good ale or Guinness;-)