Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of world, part, end and start

we listen to each other learning

that what we need to know most
no one can tell us but ourselves


Chelsea said...

he whispers incantations
into breathless air
where no one can hear him
beneath a tree
beneath me
he sighs
and i wonder if he knows
what i know

i wonder if he ever will

zonedin said...

Why am I here in this space and time?

rivercat said...

@chelsea, thank you.I liked reading that.

@ zonedin, I seem to be either trapped in the recent past or concerned about the not very distant at all future, which seems more real than now which i have almost given up on. I will say that my temporal concerns for my future only extend out about 1 minute at this point as far as true concern goes. There were mysteries for me and they were intriguing,I hope i get to the place of caring about solving them or investigating them again someday. For me questions dont have marks after them and evryhing else does.... mystery is everywhere:)

zonedin said...

I do like to wonder...but I can easily say I can see my past, I can see my now, but I cannot see my future. Really, it's as if there is none. I can barely plan out a day, I just see too many variables. I am bumbling through my life moment by moment. I'm just lucky things turn out halfway good.

rivercat said...

since for me time moves forward. i have tried to sip my past like an expensive wine but it only seems to become more distant
for me now has become but a glimpse into a path
towards tomorrows

i joined a gym today and am going to see a personal trainer tomorrow to map out my stratgy to get my physical body back into shape.
i am healthy again ...thank the gods.
Right now im 6'3" 182 lbs
my goal for the end of next spring is 205 lbs
i have no interest in becoming a body builder
but i have found that i can funtion best and feel comfortable knowing i have some strength...they say if you dont ovdr due it that its good for you too. :)

Rajat said...

and you were trying to discover the me in me..

rivercat said...

@rajat, that is a very interesting way to look at it. Thanks :)

Ana Goncalves said...

Indeed, for it is where the answers live - and how we reach into the universe. :) Beautiful blog you have here.