Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Maybe there does exist a way to say "more than words"-
with more words. Maybe it would look or sound
like gibberish to everyone but us.


Chelsea said...

When spoken, it sounds somewhere between a heartbeat and the silence in between raindrops.


rivercat said...

yes. thank you :)

Whatever said...

Maybe you just said already :)

Rajat said...

what my words mean to you, may not mean the same to anyone else.. that's why I need you to be understood.

rivercat said...

"Not everyone understood the tongues, because some onlookers made fun of the disciples and accused them of being drunk (Acts 2:13)"

perhaps they were drunk too.

rivercat said...

oops... i forgot the smile :)

zonedin said...

Misunderstandings of intention and perception turn it into gibberish, but I like what Chelsea said better ;~)

Sassy said...

We are all drunk in one way or another.

rivercat said...

i thhink a private lexicon sometimes develops in a long term relationship --
an abbreviated language with fewer words and
phrases which nobody else would understand

i think that would be only natural

rivercat said...

yes sassy i would agree, and at times worse than other times ..which is probably what keeps us all guessing :)

i think i get saved often by chance..a dear friend of mine :)

fwiw i think "speaking in tongues" is gibberish,at least to me

rivercat said...

@rajat yes i agree...if you are married:

do you have a personal language using words?

if not do you think one would dvvelop over time?
it just seems that as conventional language developed for all that personal language would develop to varying degrees for two that were clos and communicated often to each other,,,i also hear of the old cuoples that dont say much so i suppose its related to how much you are naturally prone to communicating

rivercat said...

@whatever, it would seem so :)

my comment remindsme of a black crazy 8 seer ball that gave answers on the bottom.
maybe some blog just uses that to answer lol
the answers were pretty diverse and i think only a couple were really uncertain but basically leaning yes or leaning no