Monday, August 30, 2010

We Know Our Faces Better Than Ourselves

Home is comfortable
we know it well
and observing corners
here and there
we show and tell
We know our faces
better than ourselves

Eyes rise and eyes fall
but see no planks
inside the wall
and note no right design

so I look inward when I can
to find in balance what I am
because those things up on my shelf
I knew them better than myself


dora said...

hey, yes słuchać for piosenka :) are you learning polish or what ?:)

sometimes things on shelfs defines who we are, but we can't let them be us. we still have to be ourselves when they're not around us.

rivercat said...

Hi dora,
I heard polish language is not the easiest to learn. I had to use a translator of course. I really like your site. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments :)

zonedin said...

We know those faces we put on the shelf better because we created them out of protection to hide our true self, then we forgot... that what we truly are is better than those faces.
I'm really enjoying your been busy;~)

rivercat said...

yes you surely got the whole of it...and when I had to work in the real world early on, one was sometimes handed a mask to be worn. And I noticed also other people that prefer a mask. I try to be me all the time now but sometims i say in the poem, there is, at leastfor me a time and place (that is not known in advance )where i can look inside myself further. I usually end up kind of laughing after I have these uncommon but I feel important meditations about what being an "I" is. For me its interesting and almost non verbal but always positive :))