Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beyond a tiny universe

The past can label us, but it is the future that will define us.


Sassy said...

That's so true. And thank you for your kind thoughts!

rivercat said...

hi sassy,
thanks for stopping by :)

zonedin said...

I do love this quote and I love the Doors too! Didn't you say that earlier? I'm thinking of Crystal Ship right now because I am very sleepy. I have been labeled a lot of things, but I not done cooking yet, so we'll see. Good night, sweet dreams... no nightmare monsters.

rivercat said...

Im glad it makes sense to you.
Yes, doors are cool group some of the songs are pretty dream like :)

I took the quote out because I didnt think it needed to be in the post as what it was referring to had been changed. ( another profile quote)

Whatever said...

I like this idea but What about the present? :)
If I'm going to be defined theres nowhere quite like here and now!

rivercat said...

I think my here and now has a shorter life span that yours. It could just be a different way of
conceptualizing time. My plans are long term ( a year or more) and then I make some more new ones etc.
I guess I live in the future as much as I do the present in that sense. I think I know what you mean though, its just that i have noticed a big difference in wanting to achieve something and actually doing so, and wanting isnt as much of a sure thing, but it can be done in the present where as actually creating in reality what you want to happen takes time and effort and cannot be achieved in the present.
I have to rely on you to make sense of that, because im afraid to look back on it. To metaphrase the quote ( is that the wrong term) id say, I think its good to have goals your working on that extend way into the future and those things are probably important to you because they are more "you" than the past "yous" and who cares what anyone else thinks about what youve done or are doing because you are working towards some new goal for in the future. If nothing else it keeps me from being really bored :PP

zonedin said...

It just means to me that the possibilities are endless!

R said...

Yes exactly this is what even I want to say and I'll say "The past can label us, but it is the future that will define us"
So let go of the past.. welcome a lovely future.. live life..
I like it a MILLION times.

rivercat said...

@R hi rajat, i think most quotes or sayings are just ways to inspire us or give us a boost.
When something is troubling us, or when events
sadden us deeply, it is at that point when we choose ourselves to be man or mouse. I have found
that if I can, by some miracle of the inner self, or even with the perceived help of some unknown magical force beyond myself, muster the strength needed to break through that mile thick brick, seemingly impenetrable wall, using all my might and demanding strength i thought unreachable amidst the draining horribly dulling deep aching shock, disappointment, and hopelessness,caused by events around me, then the events which were so troubling or disappointing lose their power dramatically and quickly. Its not easy to do, but thinking about the reward usually gets me through after a few tries.The funiest part is if you find out that the way things turned out were good for you actually and you were kind of lucky it went that way...this sometimes is the case. So, perhaps I can breathe a sigh of relief and wish the world the best,and move on with the things in life that are important to me :))

Although one of my faults is that i prefer thought over action, on the positive side,i find that at the core of it,no matter how bad things get, I can convince myself rather quickly that i am an optimistic and generally goodnatured person with a tiny touch of rascal in me, and perhaps it is that tiny part that keeps me from falling into the abyss