Saturday, July 21, 2012

A moment past the sun

The ocean sways
heavy reaching past my eyes

Amore, to comprehend explanations
the less pooling in my heart

and stepping through the shallowest
notes with perfect consciousness

past thorn trees holding speech
I notice I'm holding my teeth tightly

but still feel the gentle tug from a groaning sky
and the kiss from spring rain's
liquid body




sHoNa said...

well written

Whatever said...

more perfect that you could know,
whispering from my own dear heart
This is how I love,
these are the words to every song.

zonedin said...

It's very beautiful. I have read it several times and grabs me, but what grabs me the most is the "but still feel the gentle tug from a groaning sky"

rivercat said...

hi, thanks for the nice comments


zonedin said...

What a cute kitty! You know I'm in Cape Cod visiting my good friend and she only has a basset hound which is cute, but I miss my kitties! Hope you are enjoying your summer. I'm thinking I could really enjoy a summer cottage here:-)

rivercat said...

yes, i hate leaving the cats. I remember most how scared my sister was of the June bugs . ( big but harmless beetles)we went to cape cod in summer, its really nice there. Enjoy :)