Saturday, January 21, 2012

On strange words

Night opens to you its world
of dark visions
of silence smooth as a statue

and your flesh awakens to the calignosity
with the innocence of a sailboat on a summer's day



zonedin said...

It's funny how I feel when walking on a dark rainy does feel as fresh as a summer's day to me. It refreshes my skin and curls my hair. Like bringing me to life after a hard work day.
Thank you, I love your words;~)

erin said...

you do something very genuinely aesthetic in this, something i can't describe back to you but that i enjoy immensely.


Whatever said...

strange in the way the back of your own hand is strange when you really look at it, and I wonder if I really would be able to recognise it were it not attached at my wrist.

rivercat said...

it amazing ow sensitive fingers are at feeling things. ..feet too but not as much. a tiny pebble in my sneaker can fee like a boulder :)

rivercat said...

hi zoned, thnx
i like pre dawn and thinking bout a new day :)

hi erin,nice to see you nd thanks for the nice comment :)
hi wahtever, thanks dropping by :)