Tuesday, January 3, 2012

puts two hearts together
into a single


zonedin said...

You've made that seem so simple, and what a pretty painting;~)

Whatever said...

Maybe that word is big enough to fit more than two hearts, maybe it can fit us all. xo

rivercat said...

hi zoned , thnx. that is a cat doodle
from an upside down magazine page using markers. i used to do that a lot and i used a little computer ediingto make it look more like a painting. i sometimes do that for
more abstract and random imagery :)
hi whatever, could i say any two hearts? i guess actually i was leaning towards the idea of romantic love whatever that is :))

haze said...

Hehe! I remember you talking about your cats. Happy 2012, Rivercat!

rivercat said...

hi haze, nice to hear from you :)
cats are fun to have around!

Nadya said...


zonedin said...

You're just so talented and creative! You know???

Beyond said...

amazing art. beautiful words.. what an impact... Love it Rob

Krystal said...

Beautiful. Impacted me greatly.