Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why the moon stole from the sky

Her fire grew wings upon his heart
and he flew to the center of the sun
feathered in the fingers of her flames

And the moon saw
being here now the
same as love
and how we loved here too
and said as much
while wondering what went true together
And He sang

O  how my heart soars when her soul sings
and I feel the fiery heart of
her being,  Let the fingers of her flames dance upon my skin

and the sea believed what the sky saw
how the sunlit arc revealed
why the moon took the
sun from the sky



Linda said...

This is a nice one. I particularly like that last stanza.

zonedin said...

I love all the sun and the moon stuff. And the fire and love. Very nice!

Whatever said...

awesome, Feeling the lunatic tick with this in Love. xo

saraht said...

lovely. The eclipse revealing the passion,.seeing Love and making it happen,The story is beautiful. Wanting to be the lover too but is it just an illusion?. Your story and gentle tone have swept me away. xoxo

Peachyyy said...

Aww. beautiful! :)

Shadow said...

most excellent! i'll be watching...

roseanna2u said...

First week of poetry class. We're studying 18 poems! Three different centuries, six countries. I adore this poem <3 ok here goes. The first stanza is how the moon whished it could be, that he could enter her heart if she loved him. The moon though is trapped because he doesn't believe she loves him. So, he eclipses the sun because that is as close to her ( the corona? flaring on him during the eclipse?)and looks like her fingers are touching him but only to the sky and the sky explained it all to the sea?

Poem Shots said...

Too good!

Awesome flow! :)

mhairi! said...

You remind me of Icarus.
Are we running with or away from the sun? Dancing in shadows and playing behind the corners.

All nature knows what we're searching for. Clues only learnt through heart song.

You write the most incredible words.
I miss you when I'm gone X

rivercat said...

thnx linda, zoned :)
hi whatever , the lunar winds subtle airy tides got to me again :)
hi saraht, yes in the story it is only an illusion :)
thnx peachyyy, shadow, and poem-shots :)
hi roseanna, this is a story of the sea wanting an explanation for the suns brief departure from the sky she was worried about him returning to go to sleep:)
thnx mhairi, loved reading your comment:)

Jyoti Mishra said...

This is simply awesome !!!

Angel said...

as usual ,terrible poetry you got! Intelligently made..ahhh!

Brittany said...

You're brilliance is intimidating.

Keda said...

beautiful - Let teh fingers of her flames dance upon my skin - wonderful imagery, amazing piece.