Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why is a hard word

I could call this
Cold Dark Of A Secret Dawn
but why would I?

Why is a hard word
one of the petrified order
that wrap themselves around us
and we ask them what's with this and
that when cornered they conveniently forget
the answer then forget to forget and
slowly losing back all but the surface
they answer in a glimpse or a shiver

I am trying in this division in this
moment-less space that leaves and stays
to say here as far as it's gotten to divinity
(who gets to what they want every time?)
to say the same secret I hope you have
but different and that there is that to
love even more than us

And I treat what I don't know here
with the hope of starting another
part of this beginning that always is
uncertain to go as far as to say
I've felt it and know it to be good

though air does not yet exist
this love still sticks beneath
my nails and I hope it's more
than just me



Shadow said...

i simply love the 'starting another part of this beginning...' bit. actually, i love this whole piece, full of light, it is!

Anna Sergi said...

This is different fromyour usual poetry, I wonder why.

Though air does not yet exist...uh.

saraht said...

This is just so beautifully written. I don't know what to say but that I can feel this in my heart. xo

The Blog Writer said...

I've re-read this over and over. I got lost in the words, repeatedly. It's beautiful. The strength in it stood out. :)

roseanna2u said...

Wow. "and that there is that to love even more than us"
I love this. <3

Alcina said...

I found this write-up so different from every writing of yours..
it talks of something shattered and then politely taking away the pain hopes for the best of love..

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

True River, and perhaps just because ... love is larger than all of us.

The Dreamer said...

beautiful like always. Why can always be the hardest word to say and the hardest to listen to.

margg. said...

this is beautiful.

Jyoti Mishra said...

Another great piece of writing.

And I treat what I don't know here
with the hope of starting another
part of this beginning that always is
uncertain to go as far as to say
I've felt it and know it to be good..

these lines are fantastic.... very positive and inspiring.

Good job River !!
Keep it up..

Whatever said...

is it just me or is this hilarious?
I'm not sure if it's wonder at the way you think or the wonder that I think I understand it.... A bit. :)

zonedin said...

I love that there is no ending, just another beginning;~) And this song comes to mind, because I love when the answer is always "because I love you."

juniper said...

adoration, adoration, adoration. all i can say. <3

Luana said...

"air does not yet exist"
Love as gaiac destiny-oceans rising and the stars still appearing. You have a gift my dear. Namaste

Angel said...

My ,so deep , Shakespeare speaks again..? What an exceptional gift you have in writing. :)

TracyRobin said...

I read this a few times rivercat and it's so beautiful. I think my favorite bit is...

And I treat what I don't know here
with the hope of starting another

It's powerful and so positively filled with hope I love it!!

Brittany said...

Absolutely gorgeous, and mind-awakening.

Martina said...

The beginning reminds me of Neruda, this is ethereal but deep, great as always.

Donna K. Weaver said...

I love the image of "love sticks beneath my nails".

Anonymous said...

Your lines...Every line holds its own mystery and beauty. You write so well, my dear.


Keda said...

my fav part:
this love still sticks beneath
my nails and I hope it's more
than just me

beautiful writing...

Philosophia said...

this is a beautiful poem, i'm mesmerized. :)

The Dreamer said...


zonedin said...

I hope you are well Rivercat. I miss you. I know I'm not writing much. So frustrated with life right now, but there is only one way out of it.

rivercat said...

hi zoned, thnx i want to reply to everyone but am reaally dead now, thanks for all the nice comments. i will be slowly getting around to see all your blogs if nothing new bad happens but that wont be for a few days yet i had to go to a military funeral for my Dad. it took awhile with all the soldiers dying to schedule it but they finally got him in. While there my Mom had a TIA attack and was taken to the hospital That was a week ago and just now out of the icu. Shes doing ok but im still scared about it. i am hoping to post again soon when i feel better. i miss you all
By rivercat on Why is a hard word at 8:08 PM

rivercat said...

Hi shadow, thanks :)
Hi Anna, i think I wrote this in a way as a response to my other poems lately if that makes sense, I mean the beginning of it :)
hi saraht, thanks, to me it seems like three different poems now :)
hi Blog Writer, thanks for the nice comment :)
hi roseanna2u, thank you :)
hi Alcina, dont know why but I have a tendency to be optimistic. thanks :)
Hi PBB, I agree, :)

HI dreamer, yes why is a tough one! :)
Hi margg, thans for the nice comment:)
Hi Jyoti Mishra, thanks, hope you get back online soon :)
Hi Whatever, I wrote this soon after reading your reality post, I really loved that and think I understood it. My comment was a little weird though on reflection. I just meant that creativity and the imagination takes the sting out of things at least for me. :)
hi zoned, that is an oldie but good message. It reminded me of runaway and I wonder,why why why why she ran away too.
hi juniper, thanks :)
Hi Luana, thanks,namaste to you too :)
Hi Angel, thanks, the more I write the more i realize how bad I really am. :)
THi racyRobin, hi, Thanks, Idont even remember writing this poem.
If it means anything it may be just luck :)
Hi Brittany, thanks for the nice comment
Hi martina, thanks, neruda is really good. I never even heard of him until a few months ago. thank you :)
Hi Donna, thanks for comment and for visiting my blog! :)
Hi tywo, thank you , you are so nice ! :)
hi keda, thanks so much! :)
Hi philosphia, thanks for visiting and the kind words :)
Hi dreamer <3
hi zoned, hope things are going ok in VA if youre still there :)

zonedin said...

I'm so sorry for all that you've been through these few weeks. I wanted to write sooner, because I thought something might be up or down with you. I hope the worst is over and your mom will be able to fully recover. Things are stabilized with my mom for now. I'm in California for a few weeks to settle job issues ect., then I go back for another month. My heart an prayers are with you and your mom.❥

rivercat said...

Thanks zoned :)
besides the tia they found a heart murmur which led to a heart ultrasound thing and found a bad valve so they say its not just getting over the mini stroke its possible surgery later on and lifestule changes.
It could be a lot worse though I suppose. The hospital is a depressing place, sorry to say that and Im glad she doesnt have to stay there much longer.

zonedin said...

That is good..I suppose,,,my mom's stroke was caused by the cancer..a growth on a heart valve. She has no heart disease...she was a runner until last December. But she is lucky that much of her vision has returned and she's getting stronger in her right could have been a lot worse! Now to fight the cancer.