Thursday, June 9, 2011

We Became The Talk Of Space

Days were forgotten
along with solidity
and we became the talk of space
whispers through the Galaxy

with no end to the beginning
a timeless remembering
of  flesh and bone
when the burning blood of our souls
ran as fire through our hearts




roseanna2u said...

Very deep. This put me into orbit. <3

The Blog Writer said...

The second verse is so, so beautiful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

And you are so beautiful!


TracyRobin said...

Sooo beautiful!

saraht said...

Sweet and so wonderful.

Beyond said...

it's beautiful...

Jyoti Mishra said...

very intense... and a deep hidden thought.
well written !!!
Keep going

youngmoney said...

my man, my man...

Anonymous said...

I like this and your pic ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ★

Angel said...

Writer it's full of emotions ! nice read!

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

The passion of the universe ... very well written. ♥

Anonymous said...

Deep and beautiful! I love the last two lines.

Simran said...

Your lines have a deep meaning..
Liked your pic :)..
Take care

rivercat said...

hi simran, thnx,your pic is pretty :)
hi marie, thnx so much:)
Hi pbb, thnx, yes, i love the universe wit all its aliens :)
hi angel, you alwys bring a smile to me thnx :)
hi imagirl, thnx for all the hearts
pictures of myelf usually scare me but I figure I should be bold and try to get used to them more andjust laugh at myself. :)
young money, thnx for stopping by
bro :)
jyotimishra, thnx, I am almost over losing my poetry book...still a little pissed off though! :)
hi beyond, thnx for commenting, i just found your newblog. Wow, you are a wonderful poet and writer,India is lucky to have you:)
saraht, thnx you are too kind but i appreciate you like my poems:)
tracyrobin, thnx, you have a kind soul, i can feel it from your blog poetry :)
tywo, you are an amazing writer and photographer! i apreciate your visits to my blog. My pictures are kind of silly sometimes. I can paint and draw better than taking pictures. lately im doing cat napkin holders and tiles and wish i had more time to write and visit everyones blog to say hello. i do try!!:)
hi blogwriter, you are a very positive influence, thnx for your can do attitude injecxtions. I need to start running working out and creating new tiles for my business .I will visit your blog to tr to gt energizd! :)
hi roseanna2u, ha,thnx for the nice comment :)

zonedin said...

I love it! You're so good like that! You inspired me to play with my photobooth too...It's kinda fun! Stars are fun...kinda like the fireflies around here.

Whatever said...

cosmically connected, anti-matter caught in words, resonating right through us all. <3

rivercat said...

thnx for the nice comments zoned and whatever <3

Keda said...

brings up such a feeling of connectedness, eternalness... divinity?