Thursday, June 30, 2011

The unspoken collage

Like the girl in
bed he watches
the years move
as slowly moves love

like the guy in bed
she watches
grown up into dreams
they escaped

like the girl in bed
he watches
both memories
senses and habit

like the guy in bed
she watches
the unspoken collage
the mysteries take



Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Like an awestruck girl follower, your post speaks of such sweet, romantic love. ♥

saraht said...

It seems like the before and after in the same story. I agree. Very sweet, romantic and wonderful.

Anna Sergi said...

And it makes me cry.

zonedin said...

It"s funny! I have this guy in bed with me and I keep thinking I need to write about it....

rivercat said...

hi pbb, youre comments are always uplifting <3
hi saraht, that is true in the poem but not in real life :)
hi anna, the last couple times I cried they were not whole hearted tears. Its hard to give up on dreams sometimes.
hi zonedin, im glad I will check your blog :)