Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Way Backwards

After A few minutes I narrow
and I don't see me as clearly
am I some other construct?
a country or perhaps a mountain
or just the fascination of something from
five frames further
into the future

It's the small, slow successes
the art of what matters in matters
that supply the business of
and now I must go back into
myself reversed
,see you
past the into travel to way only the is this



zonedin said...

I understand that feeling of wanting to back into oneself. I've felt this way lately. Not necessarily to go back to the past, but to slow down the present. To find my equilibrium again. Because what matters in breathing is feeling peace and harmony with the Universe.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Those last two lines tickled my senses! :) Cute!

Rivercat, I think you write wonderfully! Stay as amazing. You're perfect whether you're a country, a mountain or just five frames into the future. You are special.

Keda said...

This is fun read. Insightful as well, of course.

Whatever said...

This is awesome, Glad your back.
still I'm not sure if there really is a past at all, maybe it's all just smoke and mirrors with a vivd dose of imagination.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Very insightful River.
Hope you find your way back and yet be at peace when you cross the line again. =)

rivercat said...

hi zoned, my energy levels are a bit low lately.ive heard a few lectures on time and they say they have it figured out but i still dont get it. :)
hi blog, thans, you are too :)
hi keda thanks :)
hi whatever, i thought the first step would be reversing the motor but there probably is no motor.time is interesting, and i think about it without really studying it . some of the topics that interest me get really confusing and are difficult for me to understand what the people are talking about but i still like to just think about them. thanks :)
hi pbb, im not looking forward to talking backwards and throwing up my food :)