Monday, June 6, 2011

Sharing what's left

sheets of rain
hang motionless
in midair
I run inside
to find you


Always will
I look through water
past closed libraries
at the galloping rainbows, fabric
of all of life
once pools of doubt would
allow no more than victory
arrival and a walk through hair
now I thank God how much of
you is there how the air I need is
seen still through water in the corner
cut by wind weight born tender
a note from an eye more than lashes
a symbol from the more than a
pumping organ and a ewe drawn poorly
while looking at a painting
put together to how I feel


Anna Sergi said...

Do you think someone is more inside than outside you?
I always do.
Sometimes I suck people in and never let them go.

rivercat said...

yes, i'd call that balance because secretly you know they must exist outside on some level :)

Author said...

I ran inside too, but he was gone..

Anonymous said...

Eye <3 ewe