Thursday, June 30, 2011

That something better mattered

You may hate mosaics
or wish not to want
to live as soft rolling lips
say it's a dream

that it's love too
to put worth on
and drop into a slotted
stone cosmos
that something better mattered

Not that some barbarous death
compares to that worth
in whose telling
anything can or can't be gained
as learning to do things from articles and
books alone

But when you're this much in love
it doesn't really matter if one is
better than the other because
it's like dying and It's hard to change
your mind when you're dead



eudaimoniac said...

In this verse I feel lost, stunted and confused and yet drawn in via a desire to understand. I really like it.

zonedin said...

I get it.

rivercat said...

hi euda, its just about the different takes on life and also about love

hi zoned, im glad you understood this its hard to change careers or start one if you dont have one but not as hard as trying to unlove somebody if youre really gone
i suppose that was the jist of it for me although im not going to reread it in case i think it means something else if i do !:)

erin said...

it seems to me you are highly underread. there's a real fluidity and desire/spark to your poetry that is fresh and hopeful to me.