Friday, June 3, 2011

I Was Born In a Poem

Her voice is the morning sky
singing to the sea and earth
why, why, why

I was born in a poem
and in a poem I shall die

like voice is in the morning sky



rivercat said...

I seem to have lost a half a notebook full of poems written while I was away. I'm kind of bummed out but have stopped trying to locate the book. I actually went back to find it but no luck. And trying to remember them now well its just a waste of time. They are gone forever but as I remember some were pretty interesting not that it matters in the grand shceme of things though.I wish I could stop thinking about them! This is kind of about the poems I just lost and a little of part of one I remember. My memory totally sucks though.
First time this ever happened oh well... I hope to come back soon but am not in a writing mood

sm said...

beautiful poem
born in poem
die in poem

Anonymous said...

I loved this poem ♥

hope you find what you lost and start feeling better soon (hugs)

saraht said...

This is so lovely. I can feel the sense of loss. It's such a shame. I know that sad feeling having lost a few of my favorite short stories written only on the computer.
(I deleted the file by mistake). xoxo


Kaleidoscope Girl said...

I love this poem, its so simplistic but means so much. That is such a shame about you losing your poetry book, that must be a horrible feeling. All is not lost though, you're still here and you are the source. Inspiration will find you again.

Angel said...

Writer, Once a poet would always be a poet! Simple poem but with depth.

roseanna2u said...

I love this one. "voice is" for voices, that is too cool <3
omg, that is horrible about losing your poetry notebook, but I have a feeling you'll be back better than ever, just take your time. <3

cherie said...

So lovely. You are so talented. =)

zonedin said...

Hi Rivercat, I know the feeling. I lost a whole bunch recently...and it drove me crazy looking at first, then it just sort of knocked me out! But mostly what's blocking me from writing is being busy helping mom and dealing with the cancer. You'd think I would have tons to write about with that, but there is just too much to do right now since she's done little to prepare for her death except that she has a person who is not her family named as the beneficiary on everything, but that lady died three years ago, it would go to that lady's daughter next. She also had a boyfriend named on some things but he died ten years ago and only his brother is surving now. So you can imagine my fun. I'm her only daughter. She never liked being a mother, but now she seems glad to have me.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

River, I don't believe you will ever run out of beautiful words. But I can understand the frustration.
Thank you for keeping in touch! ♥

Jyoti Mishra said...

lovely !!
good goin, nice expression

rivercat said...

thank you sm. ima girl, saraht,kaleid,angel,roseanna,cherie,pbb,jyoti,zoned :)

i appreciate the kind thoughts and will use them for inspiration XO

zoned, that is too bad. parents can have some strange ideas about child rearing and inheritance...a function of their personalities and their upbringing perhaps but in any case that situaton sounds kind of sad and frustrating all on top of your moms poor health and concern for her affairs and her comfort.I can relate to that somewhat and wish you and your mom the best.

Aporia said...

You should read Rumi, unless you do so already. I think he'll resonate deeply with you and frankly, that's all the inspiration you need on some days.


Short,Concise,Sharp and apt :)

Thanks for passing by my blog Definitely ME

rivercat said...

Thanks Aporia, I havent read Rumi before,. I appreciate you telling me . they do sound wonderful just looking breifly into it. :)
Hi IAMJOROSS, thanks for the link, I will visit again soon :)

Beyond said...

aweee that's lovely