Saturday, June 11, 2011

Answering An Angel

   is a gentle beauty...
a meditation

What is the world but the world?



Whatever said...

What is not the world but the universe?
Earth and moon moving the light (and dark) about
like this.
Beauty is the way I feel,
talking to angels the camera can not see.

Angel said...

Writer, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Angels maybe a reflection of it but then sometimes the world for her is not beautiful , cloudy and stormy but this is the reality have to play the game have to be a fighter which i am not. Thank you very much for this poem it lifts a soul.

juniper said...

This is beautiful. The comparison is apt and it's just wow. :) x

Jyoti Mishra said...

fantastic definition of beauty !!!!

rivercat said...

thanks all, I guess what I am trying to say here is how introspection is a beautiful thing.
( if thats the right word)
I am definitely not talking about seeing with the eyes, That would be a different poem i guess
The world is the world and I like what Whatever said but by world of course I mean not the earth physically, but the world that is our worlds we may or not be perfectly suited to agree with always if that makes sense.
This just popped out. Ididnt have time to think about it but at the time i worte it it made sense :)))

Thanks Whatever, I love your comments :)
thnx Jyoti That was very sweet of you tosay :)
thanks juniper nice to see you again and I hoped this made sense by itself. It popped out of my head after reading whatever and Angels blogs and was both posts totally unrelated, but struck me as meditations about life and the world.
thnks Angel, yes, I agree, I think that what we feel is beautiful, even if it isnt all about sereniity and peace. I seem to slowly learn from my feelings, no even if they arent sweet as sugar! :)

I think I may have had too much coffee and hope i made sense!

saraht said...

For me, the beauty in this is the truth of it. The world can be frustrating and at times frightening, but our spirit, thoughts and reflections pull us through. I absolutely LOVE this.

Anonymous said...

i likee your blog :)


Can you teach me how to make short and apt poems like these? :)

For me, beauty is everything that makes us smile :)

mckenzie. said...

Thoughtful, this haunts me a little. x

Beyond said...

what is the world but the world? I am yet trying to find an answer to that.
you answered it beautifully.
Why you started with a '.'?

Simran said...

Beauty that pleases and makes relax:)
What is the world but the world...?
Didn't got these lines exactly :(

roseanna2u said...

OMG, the name of the sermon today was "Don't let the world get you down". Our pastor is kind of boring and it took him almost an hour to say a similar thing. I really love the message and how you put it. <3

Anonymous said...

This is so very beautiful, yet haunting!!
Oh darling, you write and think so well.


zonedin said...

I think the world is anything, everything and nothing at all. It is, what is. Hope you are enjoying your weekend:~)

Anna Sergi said...

Maybe the world is a reflection of every beauty and every ugliness inside us.

rivercat said...

thnx saraht, that sounds good to me :) thnx sharon, :) hi anna, i like that definiton :) hi zoned that is another beauty youve given :) hi tywo, thnx for the kind words :) hi mckenzie ,Its beginning to haunt me a little too. It was a rhetoical question at the time and right now im not even sure what that means :) hi roseanna, Thats interesting. Ims ure there are many books written about that and one really popular one :) thanks beyond, always a pleasure :) hi simran, thnx i guess all it is is posing that rhetorical question against the beauty of thought itself in a way and strangely too the question against itself. the original context was about the wonder of reflection vs. the worlds demands kind of ,as we see them. Maybe it means nothing at all! I don't really know anymore :) thnks IMJOROSS, thats a great definition too. It seems short lines and sayings do seem to just pop ourt here and there, but it doesnt happen very often :)

Shadow said...

...our home?

Keda said...

That is just so beautiful. The answer cannot be given in words, unless I were to write another poe about it which people would probably just feel the need to explain again... That's the thing about poems, they already say it, once you explain it, it's no longer a poem. To me poems are felt. And yours feels beautiful.

rivercat said...

hi shadow, as always, it depend on what you mean by world. So the answer is no in the sense of the "do not love the world" bible quote way for millions of people, no in the sense of looking as an outsider through meditation and yes in many other ways including the one you mentioned that are just as valid but not what I was talking about. :)

HI keda, yes, I agree with you and believe this as well. That is kind of you to say so, thanks :)