Wednesday, October 26, 2016

an interconnected conflirt

and the only thing important
the most important if you include nothing
is that this vicinity
remains innactive

Ok so now I'm prepared to present
something that I've repeated four times
to exclude my being
not ever present
to the other speaker

See  Larry
See  Joan
And their computer, Chris




zonedin said...

You're weird;-)

zonedin said...

rivercat said...

this is how i get around election time.

zonedin said...

I can't wait till the stupid election is over. I mailed in my ballot weeks ago. It's just horrorfying! Can it please just go away? Unfortunately, even when day is done and all is counted, there will still be division and hate spread across our land, no matter who wins. I just can't worry about it. The Universe is moving entropically. Chaos and disorder is the order of things, so just hang on for the wild ride!;-))