Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sen sen yum yum

and the old
sound of rain
in the beginning

or the cotton ball
tip in my ear

I don't feel it there

I'll take my cue from your words
fui guermo yo esmes certo 



zonedin said...

Iche verstehe this last line Chinese or Portuguese? I can't wait till we get that first rain. It's such a fresh feeling especially after cleaning my ears.;-)

rivercat said...

i just made up something that sounded right. I noticed something the other day. If i scream silently as loud as I can. My cats ears move. Im never doing it again, but i did it three times to make sure.

zonedin said...

It's those low and high frequencies that drive them crazy! Now you know that title made me think of my young Vietnamese student who has only been in the US one year! He is so smart and so cute! I have fun teaching him. He loves the fruit roll-ups that I give him after working hard in our lessons.