Wednesday, September 28, 2016


while all the loves were
quietly unraveling between us into
one love
from laying back thinking
about whatever dream
not this big

we skipped
your favorite
my rice and peas

and now before we take in too much air

i too lazy for ending
or fixin



zonedin said...

Are you keeping dry over there? I know you're on the west side, but it looks pretty crazy over the entire state. Hope you and the cats are doing well:-) some warm winter stew might be good about now.

rivercat said...

that storm didnt even give us any rain or wind so florida got lucky. It stayed just offshore with the bad winds only brushing the east coast. All my magic has not worked to heal my foot so i may have to go to the doctor. Going to the doctor is a giant PIA. Too many people nowadays and too many specialists. I miss the old days where a doctor was in the neighborhood and life wasnt as complicated

zonedin said...

Well that is lucky! My friend has a different story on the other side of the peninsula. I hope you get some resolution on your foot. Is that the remnants of the tennis injury? I do also feel annoyed by the massive quantities of people and even a new hospital only takes a couple years to become a horrible place where the armpit of society seem to want to hang out. I avoid the hospital as much as possible. I'm sure you've already tried multiple epsom salt baths and a chiropractor? I have a surgery that is being recommended but I can't see the need for it that some assertive excercises can't fix. We'll see because I refuse to go under the knife as long as I can protest it. Wishing you well and healing to your foot! My cats are going nuts because it is now raining in California. Something they cannot comprehend:-}