Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 264:

I thought I didn't understand what people were saying
because they were speaking in an unclear manner
making it hard to follow what they were trying to say
and then I realized it was me.

analyzed and expected
time breathes
and grows and from inside a dream
truth changes
it's voice
chirped but unbroken
and loved ever so
much more

Silence passes as the sun does
as the birds open a passageway
into being
like the wonder
of words together
like the spark
between up and down heartbeats



zonedin said...

This is very beautiful! I hope time is treating you well. I find it amazing how the time passes and I have no satisfaction that I spent it well and then when I stop to listen to the birds, my own heart beat and just breath in silence, I feel very content and happy:-)

rivercat said...

hi zoned. im ok except that i developed a torn plantar plate from too much tennis. Its been 2 months and i have another to go before i walk normally.

zonedin said...

I'm sorry about that! I have no idea how painful that must be! Or how frustrating not being able to play outside. I've had some pains in my back slowing me down but I did manage to go backpacking in the high country in July. I was pretty proud that I could pretty much keep up with the young folks. I do hope your body gets back to feeling springy again. Enjoy your Autumn and keep dry;-)