Monday, November 9, 2015

asleep in circles

Again, pleasantly I  
ask from behind this
moving dream
Is a comprehensive explanation enough?
Perhaps a short story to better change the light

Look how it fills the room  
tugging at my blood
She might take off her
clothes on a day like tonight

However asleep you think you are
there will always be days like this night

through the movement of images a straightening out of tiny
universes defines this unsettled intensity
and every time I wonder if you are looking over my shoulder
hearing  my blood stretching past that airy windowsill
with eyes like mirrored lightning, soft curls
and a dreamy touch



zonedin said...

Hi Rivercat, how are you? I was just thinking of you and decided to check in. I have one more parent teacher conference todo then I get to enjoy Thanksgiving break. The kids are excited to be away from school too. Hope you are doing well... We'll catch up soon:-)

rivercat said...

blogger wasnt letting me comment for awhile., looks like its working now.
i hope you had a nice thanksgiving. Is there a holiday where everyone expresses the horrors of life and all the nightmares and then you ask for some luck for a change? My thanksgivings were always nice as a kid and growing up big and yummy . I felt sorry for my mom and whoever helped clean the dishes. I never helped as I remember but should have. I had a lonely thanksgiving which is what i prefer now. I retired from making art and took up tennis. I still play a little guitar and sing a tiny bit once every other blue moon.
Merry holidays to you

zonedin said...

Did I neglect to reply to this? I am so sorry! It sounds like you are sad from not having your mom with you anymore. I feel for you. I am sad about having lost a couple people in the past few years also. It's weird to be here without them in the world. I guess they are with us, but I want a conversation, not a feeling. I hope you don't give up on your art permanently, at least do it for fun and meditation. There are many kitties that need to be eternalized! You are very talented! I only can sing in the choir, I cannot sing alone. If I have other people around me, I will bolt out a lovely sound. Without them, I sound wretched. Believe me I've tried it. Fortunately, there is at least one other alto always there when we perform. Cheers to the New Years! Happy Valentines day! Hug a kitty! <3