Wednesday, November 11, 2015

anti mars

reflections on
the antipas movement

in a nutshell
it could be described
as trying to find a median before cementing
a thought's formation
thus being more attuned to a multiplicity of experience
Individuals are viewed as giant sets of subsets.
An example would be "it's November
it may as well be December, therefore it may as
well be Spring",  followed by a pause and then
 "...except in Ohio".


Monday, November 9, 2015

asleep in circles

Again, pleasantly I  
ask from behind this
moving dream
Is a comprehensive explanation enough?
Perhaps a short story to better change the light

Look how it fills the room  
tugging at my blood
She might take off her
clothes on a day like tonight

However asleep you think you are
there will always be days like this night

through the movement of images a straightening out of tiny
universes defines this unsettled intensity
and every time I wonder if you are looking over my shoulder
hearing  my blood stretching past that airy windowsill
with eyes like mirrored lightning, soft curls
and a dreamy touch