Sunday, August 2, 2015

number c741

thousands of overlapping words
wandering into the endless softness

numberless reflections
fading through a silver moon 
looking softly at the sky

and the moon thought about
and getting hit by
an asteroid



zonedin said...

Sometimes we wish fate would just go ahead and happen already! There must be something good to come?!

zonedin said...

I hope you are having a good summer! Mine has been very busy, and go back to work on Monday. Summers are over too early these days. But I get paid to work 180 days, no more and no less. I get vacations but they are not paid vacations. I love them anyway! :-)

rivercat said...

that sounds like a good balance. even though im not working, im very busy.
Recently I took up tennis and now I have a sprained ankle. Tennis is pretty hard to learn so far

zonedin said...

I'm so sorry about your sprained ankle:-( Those are more painful than if broken.
I do like to play tennis and with the right partner, I can be pretty good. I'm not competetive. I just like to volley for fun and not keep score. I hope you feel better soon!

rivercat said...

tennis is super competitive for many people but like you i just like to have fun.