Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The neighbor

My heart is a watch
that counts each sunrise
a miracle  here
as is said
at the tip of

I see I cant respond
because I'm trapped
all thumbs
sounds play
itches itch
but I don't know what to say
or what you're talking about
not because you're not making sense
but because I have a hard time following

I admit when you step away
that was OK  but it' more than the sigh of relief
the sigh is the funny part
just a small part of why I know
this has already happened




zonedin said...

Is that neighbor acting crazy again?

rivercat said...

Yes, he put two large stones in the alley to block my car which is really
Childish. So sad when a nut lives nearby

zonedin said...

That sounds like very difficult to live near person. How uncomfortable! The guy really needs to move to the country, far away from people.:-/